Graduate Program in Brain, Behavior, and Cognition

About the Program

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Boston University is pleased to offer its Graduate Program in Brain, Behavior, and Cognition (BBC). The BBC graduate training program is designed to rigorously prepare students for research and teaching careers in the following areas:


Neurophysiology and molecular biology of learning and memory; animal models of neural dysfunction; developmental and adult neuropsychology.


Animal learning; operant and respondent conditioning; animal learning from an ethological perspective; animal psychophysics; behavioral pharmacology.


Experimental work on visual perception and memory; psycholinguistics and cognitive development; and computational and mathematical modeling of cognitive abilities.

The BBC Program works on the apprenticeship model. Graduate students are trained by working with a faculty member on a research project. Occasionally, BBC students have worked with faculty from other programs and centers at the University, including the Center for Adaptive Systems and the Neurology, Anatomy, and Pharmacology Divisions within the Boston University School of Medicine.

Financial aid in the form of tuition payments and living stipends will be offered to qualified applicants. Aid is available for between three and five years of study.

Boston University and the City

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For More Information

For more on the BBC Program or other Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences programs, please call the BBC Senior Program Coordinator, Rebecca Houle, at (617) 353-6423. Applications must be completed online through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website.