Heather Murray Latin, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

  • Master’s Degree Program Director

Bio Picture

Research Interests

Dr. Murray received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Drexel University. She completed her predoctoral internship training at Brown Medical School and her postdoctoral fellowship at Boston University, focusing on cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety and mood disorders as well as substance use disorders. Dr. Murray is currently a Research Assistant Professor at Boston University and collaborates on several of the federally funded research projects at CARD. Dr. Murray’s research interests include examining underlining mechanisms of distress tolerance in anxiety disorders and nicotine dependence as well as the study of dissemination and implementation of empirically supported treatments.

Dr. Murray currently teaches the Clinical Interviewing Course for first year graduate students.

Selected Publications

  • Boswell, J.F., Farchione, T.J., Sauer-Zavala, S., Murray, H.W., Fortune, M.R., Barlow, D.H. (in press). Anxiety sensitivity and interoceptive exposure: A transdiagnostic construct and change strategy. Behavior Therapy.
  • McHugh, R. K., Murray, H.W., Hearon, B. A., Pratt, E. M., Pollack, M. H., Safren, S. A., Otto, M. W. (2013). Predictors of dropout from psychosocial treatment in opioid-dependent outpatients. American Journal on Addictions, 22: 18-22.
  • Carper, M.M., McHugh, R.K., Murray, H.W., Barlow, D.H. (2012). Psychometric analysis of the perceptions of computerized therapy questionnaire- patient version (PCTQ-P). Administration and Policy in Mental Health.
  • McHugh, R. K., Weitzman, M. L., Safren, S. A., Murray, H. W., Pollack, M. H., Otto, M. W. (2012). Sexual HIV risk behaviors in a treatment-refractory opioid-dependent sample. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 44: 237-242.
  • Hearon, B.A., Calkins, A.W., Halperin, D., McHugh, R.K., Murray, H.W., Otto, M.W. (2011). Anxiety Sensitivity and Illicit Sedative Use Among Opiate Dependent Women and Men. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 37: 43-47.
  • McHugh, R. K., Murray, H. W., Hearon, B. A., Calkins, A. W., & Otto, M. W. (2010). Attentional bias and craving in smokers: The impact of a single attentional training session. Nicotine and Tobacco Research.
  • Murray, H.W., McHugh, R.K., Rowley, T.C., Sirota, A.D., Otto, M.W. (2010). Development and validation of the Smoking Cue Appeal Survey. Substance Use and Misuse, PubMed PMID: 20469971.
  • McHugh, R. K., Daughters, S. B., Lejuez, C. W., Murray, H. W., Hearon, B. A., Gorka, S. M., & Otto, M. W. (2010). Shared variance among self-report and behavioral measures of distress intolerance. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 34: 303-310.
  • McHugh, R.K., Murray, H.W., Barlow, D.H. (2009). Balancing fidelity and adaptation in the dissemination of empirically-supported treatments: The promise of transdiagnostic interventions. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 47: 946-953.
  • Murray, H.W., McHugh, R.K., Behar, E., Pratt, E. M., Otto, M.W. (2008). Personality factors associated with methadone maintenance dose. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 34: 634-641.


Email: hwmurray@bu.edu