Spring 2015 Brain, Behavior & Cognition Seminar Series

Talks will be held on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 in the CMB conference room (2 Cummington Mall, Rm 109) unless otherwise noted. Talk titles TBA.

  • February 19
    James Brissenden (Somers Lab), “Cerebellar contributions to visual working memory and attention.”
    Sara Aghajari (Rucci Lab), “How much are we in control of our eyes?”
  • February 26
    Rachel Nauer (Stern Lab), “Persistent activity during working memory reflects ongoing long-term encoding”
    Allen Chang (Stern Lab), “A behavioral investigation of context dependent rule learning”
  • March 18 — Charles River Association for Memory (CRAM)
    Boston University, SED Rm. 130
    Symposium Title — Enhancing learning and memory: Current status and further directions.

    • Neal Cohen, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “The Well-Fed Hippocampus: Effects of Nutrition on Memory”
    • Arthur Kramer, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, “Walking Towards a Healthier Brain & Mind”
    • Jane Wang, Northwestern University, “Modulating hippocampal-cortical brain networks and memory using noninvasive stimulation”
  • March 26
    Dr. Sam Gershman, MIT
    “Competition and cooperation between multiple learning systems”
  • April 2
    Dr. Mehrdad Jazayeri, MIT Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
    “Tracking time in sensorimotor function”
  • April 9
    Dr. Jason Bohland, Boston University, Department of Health Sciences
    “Behavioral and brain imaging studies of speech ‘input’ and ‘output’ representations”
  • April 16
    Dr. Jake Hinman (Hasselmo Lab)
    “Dissociable running speed signals in medial entorhinal and septal circuits”
  • April 30
    Dr. Dongho Kim (Ling Lab)
    “Human visual response gain increases with arousal”

Spring 2015 Center for Systems Neuroscience Seminar Series

Talks will be held on Wednesdays at noon in Room B01 at 24 Cummington Mall unless otherwise noted.

  • February 25
    Ben Wolozin, Boston University, Dept. Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
    “Stress granules and neurodegeneration: A molecular network underlying neurodegeneration.”
  • March 11
    Jerome Mertz, Boston University, Dept. Biomedical Engineering
    “New techniques to image thick tissue.”
  • April 1
    Jason Ritt, Boston University, Dept. Biomedical Engineering
    “Active sensing, artificial sensations, and neurocontrol”
  • April 8
    David Somers, Boston University, Dept. Psychological and Brain Sciences
    “Attentional Networks in the Human Brain.”
  • May 6
    Helen Barbas, Boston University, Department of Health Sciences
    “The primate connectome in context: from general principles to special prefrontal connections and function.”

Spring 2015 Developmental Science Colloquium & Brown Bag Series

Developmental Colloquia and Brown Bag talks will be held at 64 Cummington Mall, Rm. 150, 3:30 – 5:00PM.

  • February 4
    Dr. Yarrow Dunham, Yale University
    “Representing Us & Them: The Development of Intergroup Attitudes”
  • February 25 (Brown Bag)
    Ashley St. John, Boston University
    “Infant EEG Power Across Social and Nonsocial Contexts Varies as a Function of Infant Temperament”
  • March 4
    Dr. Cristine Legare, University of Texas at Austin
    “The ontogeny of cultural learning”
  • March 25
    Dr. Meredith Rowe, Harvard University
    “How Specific Qualities of Caregiver Input Shape Child Language Development”
  • April 1
    Dr. Matt McGue, University of Minnesota
    “The Contributions of Social Background and Hard and Soft Skills to College Attainment: A Behavioral Genetic Perspective”
  • April 29 (Brown Bag)
    Srishti Nayak, Boston University
    “Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures of the ‘Bilingual Advantage’ in Childhood Executive Function”

Spring 2015 Clinical Psychology Colloquia

All talks will be held at 648 Beacon Street, Rm. 608, 1:30-3:00PM.

  • January 25
    Susan McGurk, Ph.D., Boston University School of Medicine
    Research Area: Psychiatric rehabilitation
  • February 11
    Wendy Lippe, Ph.D.; Michael Lyons, Ph.D., Boston University; Sabine Wilhelm, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
    Professional Development Panel
  • February 25
    Paul Lehrer, Ph.D., Rutgers University
    Research Area: Biofeedback, psychophysiology
  • March 4
    Thomas Joiner, Ph.D., Florida State University
    Why people die by suicide
  • April 1
    Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D., Stanford University School of Medicine
    From blogging to book contracts: How to get started in popular press writing
  • April 8
    Distinguished Speaker: Tim Strauman, Ph.D., Duke University
    Research Area: Neurobiology of self-regulation
  • April 29
    Amanda Jensen-Doss, Ph.D., University of Miami Research Area:
    Evidence-based assessment of children and dissemination