Fall 2014 Brain, Behavior & Cognition Seminar Series

Talks will be held on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 in the CMB conference room (2 Cummington Mall, Rm 109). Talk titles to be announced.

  • September 11
    Maya Rosen (Somers Lab), “Long-term memory guided attention in the human brain”
    Katherine Sherrill (Stern Lab), “Goal-directed navigation in humans”
  • September 18
    Chloe Jordan (Kantak Lab), “Understanding Comorbid ADHD and Cocaine Abuse: Consequences of Adolescent Medication in an Animal Model”
    Justine Cohen (Stern Lab), “Interactions between medial temporal lobe and prefrontal cortex using a context-dependent relational load task”
  • September 25
    Naghmeh Mostofi (Rucci Lab), “Behavior as a fundamental component of perception”
    Tenzin Kunkhyen (Cherry Lab), “Lights! Genes! Olfaction!  Optogenetic activation of the accessory olfactory system  modulates attraction to urinary odors in male mice”
  • October 2
    Kathryn Devaney (Somers Lab), “Training Effects in Cortical Attention Networks, or, Temporoparietal Junction: What’s Your Function?”
    Srishti Nayak (Tarullo Lab), “Which animal is bigger in real life?: Behavioral and EEG measures of the ‘bilingual advantage’ in childhood executive function”
  • October 9
    Ehren Newman (Hasselmo Lab) “Cholinergic modulation of spatial and mnemonic processing”
    Elizabeth Chrastil (Stern lab) “Spatial Coding in human navigation”
  • October 16
    Daniel Sheehan (Eichenbaum Lab), “Impact of Learning Strategies on the Flexible Utilization of Memory”
    Ryan Place (Eichenbaum Lab), “Bidirectional hippocampal-prefrontal interactions support context guided memory”
  • October 23
    Yaoda Xu, Vision Sciences Lab, Dept. Psychology, Harvard University, “Multi-level and dynamic visual object representation in the human brain”
  • October 30
    Jamie Gauthier (Kantak Lab), “Cognitive Enhancing Strategies to Improve Extinction of Cocaine-Seeking Behavior”
  • November 6
    Michael Figuccio (Liederman Lab), “Atypical white matter connectivity characteristic of children and adults with developmental dyslexia present in at-risk infants”
    Samantha Michalka (Somers Lab), “Auditory short-term memory for space but not for time recruits anterior visuotopic parietal maps”
  • November 20
    Presented in collaboration with Center for Memory and Brain
    Nachum Ulanovsky (Weizmann Institute of Science), “Neural codes for 2-D and 3-D space in the hippocampal formation of bats”
  • December 4
    Inder Singh (Howard Lab), “Long term scanning along an internal memory timeline”
    Martina Poletti (Rucci Lab), “Moving without awareness:  how humans examine fine spatial detail”
  • December 11 — No Seminar
    Consider attending either CRAM meeting 1-4pm @ MIT.
    Working memory truing and transfer – Knowns and unknowns.
    Susanne Jaeggi, Univ. California, Irvine
    Thomas Redick, Purdue University
    BU Multisensory Workshop.

Fall 2014 Center for Systems Neuroscience Seminar Series

Talks will be held on Wednesdays at noon, and will be at two locations on the Charles River Campus: Room B01 at 24 Cummington Mall or Room 109 at 2 Cummington Mall.

  • September 3 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Xue Han, “Technologies for analyzing neural circuit dynamics.”
  • September 10 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Howard Eichenbaum, BU Psychological & Brain Sciences, “A systems analysis of declarative memory.”
  • September 17 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Narayanan “Bobby” Kasthuri, BU Anatony & Neurobiology, “Tales from the Trenches of Connectomics.”
  • September 24 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Tim Gardner, BU Biology, “High density recording from brain and nerves: challenges and applications of stable interfaces.”
  • October 1 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Douglas Rosene , BU Anaatony & Neurobiology, “Light Microscopic Exploration of Fiber Pathways in the Monkey Connectome:  Tract Tracer and Immunohistochemistry of Axon Trajectories.”
  • October 8 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Van Wedeen, Harvard Medical School, “Diffusion MRI Tractography of the Connectome: What are the implications of the geometric grid organization of cerebral fiber pathways?”
  • October 15 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Tarik Haydar, BU Anatony & Neurobiology, “The effects of lineage and gene expression on neural stem cell development in the cerebral cortex.”
  • October 22 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, BU Biomedical Engineering, “From hidden hearing loss to cognitive control: Understanding individual differences affecting everyday communication.”
  • October 29 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Richard H. Myers, BU Neurology, “Contrasting Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease: Studies of the Transcriptome, Regulome and Proteome.”
  • November 5 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Eric Kolaczyk, BU Mathematics & Statistics, “Networks in Neuroscience: A Statistical Perspective.”
  • November 12 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Vijay Balasubramanian, University of Pennsylvania, “The maps inside your head.”
  • November 19 — Society for Neuroscience meeting (no seminar)
  • December 3 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Marc Howard, BU Psychological & Brain Sciences, “Time across scales in memory and cognition.”
  • December 10 (Rm. 109, 2 Cummington Mall)
    Nancy Kopell, BU Mathematics & Statistics
  • December 17 (Rm. B01, 24 Cummington Mall)
    Ian Davison, BU Biology, “Mating drives plasticity in pheromone-processing circuits in the mouse.”

Fall 2014 Developmental Science Colloquium & Brown Bag Series

Talks will be held on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00pm in Room 150 at 64 Cummington Mall.

  • September 24: Megan Flom of Boston University, “Etiology of Callous-Unemotional Traits in Early Childhood”
  • October 15:
    Telli Davoodi, “Reality, Fantasy, and Culture in a Sample of Iranian Children”
    Fang Hong of Boston University, “Are  Contextual Effects on Facial Recognition Altered by Participants’ Mood? A Cross Culture Study”
  • October 29: Dr. David Lewkowicz of Northeastern, “The development of multisensory perception & communication in infancy & beyond”
  • November 5: Dr. Toby Grossman of University of Virginia, “Emotion perception in infancy: A fresh look”
  • November 12: Dr. Cindy Liu of University of Massachusetts Boston, “Perinatal Stress and Psychological Outcomes: Measurement, Mechanisms, and Translation to Practice”
  • December 3: Dr. Joanna Christodoulou of MGH, “Brain Differences and Interventions for Struggling Readers”