PS 241: Developmental Psychology


Instructor:      Prof. Catherine L. Harris  Rm 123  353-2956  charris Office Hours: Mon 4-5, Tues 4-5

This is a large lecture (100 students) for undergraduates who have taken Introductory Psychology. I teach this course almost every semester.

Current course syllabus (PDF)

Course webpage is maintained via Clicking here will take you to this year's courseinfo site.   The courseinfo site has details about course themes, assignments, discussion forums, etc. Many Lecture Overheads  are available.  Main point of each lecture (PDF)

Course Requirements for Developmental Psychology

(See the syllabus for the current year for specific details.)  

1. Tests Drawn from both lecture and reading:  Mostly multiple choice which assess your grasp of basic facts and concepts, plus a short-answer "challenge question."  We will not select a question from the reading just to scare you into reading every word.  Try to read for enjoyment as much as possible.  

2. Newsgroup postings and comments on other students' projects  The idea here is:  participate in an electronic postings about your project.  Receive feedback from others. You may choose to be anonymous. Be constructively critical so that your fellow classmate can receive feedback that is helpful.

3. Course Project. Formats possible:

How we assess the project:  (more information on courseinfo website )


Laura Berk,Child Development, 6th Edition.  At bookstore and on reserve.  Publisher's Website.

Child Growth and Development (Collection of articles).  At bookstore and on reserve. Publisher's WebSite.

Books and articles available from Mugar reserve

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