CLA PS 828 Seminar in Psycholinguistics Special Topic:

Language and Spatial Cognition


Catherine Harris, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department

Room 127, Psychology Dept. Office Hours: Monday 3-4, Thurs 3-4. 353-2956. Messages: 353-2980.

Annette Herskovits, Visiting Scholar, Applied Linguistics.

Course Overview

A key issue in cognitive science is how information from different modalities connect. Of particular interest is how the representations for language production and comprehension map onto non-linguistic systems. How can talk about what we see? PS 828 will examine this topic in the context of two specific questions:


  1. The semantics of spatial terms (spatial prepositions; motion verbs, and dimensional adjectives)
  2. General properties of semantic/conceptual structure
  3. Vision and spatial cognition
  4. The connections between spatial language and spatial cognition.


Graduate standing, with previous courses or exposure to psycholinguistics, linguistics, cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence.


Weekly one-page commentary on assigned readings, and one class presentation. A presentation may be done jointly with another student, but both students must discuss the joint presentation with the instructors.

Meeting Time: Thursday, 11 to 1:30 pm

First day of class will be September 7. Location of class is Psychology Dept. Room 155Psychology Dept. Room 155.

Weekly Topics and Reading

General Bibliography

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