Self-Study Guidelines

The academic unit will prepare a self-study document to serve as the foundation for assessment and for outlining the unit’s strategic direction, goals, and plan for implementation.  The self-study may vary in outline and format, but should include the information requested in these guidelines and address any additional questions raised in the scope of review agreement.

The preparation of the self-study is intended to assist the unit’s faculty in establishing priorities and identifying strategies for making improvements in the quality and recognition of the programs in significant rankings.  The self-study should identify institutions against which the unit benchmarks the quality of its programs and describe the specific aspects of the unit that make it distinctive.

It is expected that individual units will organize internally to elicit the necessary input from their constituencies and to draft a report that reflects a consensus as well as any substantive dissenting views.  Units should expect written feedback on the draft version of the self-study report submitted to the Office of the Provost and will have the opportunity to make revisions and submit a final version.  The final self-study report will be distributed to the members of the review committee prior to their participation in the site visit.

The narrative of the self-study report should not exceed 20 pages and should analyze and reference the required data and descriptive materials of the self-study appendix.

Guidelines for the content of the self-study narrative: Appendix 1.
Guidelines for the content of the self-study appendix: Appendix 2.