Academic Space Planning Process

The Provost has principal responsibility for academic space planning and related matters and the Office of the Provost is therefore the principal liaison from the academic units to Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P) and the President’s Committee on Space Planning & Capital Expenditures (SPACE).

In this role, the Office of the Provost facilitates space planning with the academic units, and establishes priorities for academic space projects. The Assistant Provost for Academic Space Planning serves as co-chair of the Operations Subcommittee of the SPACE Committee. In this role he/she receives requests from deans or their designated representatives for:

  • major renovations and functional improvements
  • additional space or reassignment of space
  • changes in function to space that require physical modification or that affect other units
  • modification of space or new furniture or fixtures that requires central administrative funding
  • upgrades or changes that require design assistance involvement of FM&P

The Office of the Provost need not receive minor project requests for which central administration approval, funding, or other assistance is not required. Accordingly, under normal circumstances, requests such as the following need not come to the Office of the Provost (see procedures and timetables for more information):

  • inexpensive functional improvements or renovations that are funded by the requesting unit and not included in the required list above
  • relocations of personnel or reassignment of offices or laboratories within a department that are not included in the required list above

Academic units desiring any of the improvements in the required list above must follow the procedures set forth in procedures and timetables, which begin by contacting the Assistant Provost for Academic Space PlanningThese procedures also apply for new faculty appointments. The Office of the Provost will work with the unit to establish a program for the requested project and to make a preliminary assessment of feasibility. A space request form will be initiated. This form will then be provided to personnel at FM&P for further feasibility study and a cost estimate. Once this is done, the project will be submitted to the Operations Subcommittee of the SPACE Committee for further action.