Assessment Mini Grant Program

For information on the projects funded by Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017 Assessment Mini Grants, please click here.

Program Learning Outcomes Assessment is an essential tool for programs to ask questions about and to improve student learning in the programs they design and teach.

To support these efforts, the Office of the Provost will offer grants for programs to make their existing assessment practices more effective, to pursue new approaches, or to assist in implementing action plans based on the results of outcomes assessment. These mini grants are intended to help faculty and staff engage in sound assessment practices that will lead to useful results and to support informed decision-making.

Grants of up to $2,500 each will be awarded to BU faculty and staff members in academic areas to conduct assessment-related projects that directly support student learning outcomes assessment at either the undergraduate or graduate level, including certificate programs. Although all proposals will be considered, priority will be given to proposals that focus on developing or implementing direct assessments of student learning. Grant awardees will be asked to present their projects at the annual Assessment Symposium.

Matching funds from each awardee’s School or College are required.

Assessment Practice and Innovation Grants
Awards may be used to:

  • pay for or license commercially available measurement instruments, such as certification tests, professional exams, or discipline-specific standardized tests such as the GRE;
  • implement a plan to take action in response to assessment results, including using new equipment or technology;
  • pay evaluators to assist in conducting assessments;
  • develop assessment instruments (such as a capstone course, a rubric, or test items);
  • fund a department retreat for discussion of assessment plans or goals.

Proposals should include a description of learning outcomes and assessment methods to be used, use of assessment results, faculty involvement, timeline, budget, and a statement about the sustainability of the project.

Assessment Team Travel Grants

Awards may also be used to fund or partially fund travel for a team of faculty from a single department or from across multiple departments to a professional development workshop on assessment sponsored by NEEAN, AAC&U, or other professional organizations, including disciplinary organizations, to develop or refine an assessment plan.

Proposals should include the name of the professional organization, the date, title, and location of the workshop, the names of all attendees, and a proposed budget. They should also include a description of the purpose for attending the workshop and how the team intends to use its findings to implement or improve a sustainable on-campus practice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Gillian Pierce, Director of Learning Assessment, or Kelly Connors.

Please note that your School or College may have an earlier deadline for approval from the Dean for matching funds.