Annual Assessment Symposium

The Office of the Provost hosts an Annual Assessment Symposium every March for Boston University faculty, staff, and members of the program learning outcomes assessment community.

The Assessment Symposium showcases successful program assessment work across the University, including both graduate and undergraduate programs from a variety of disciplines and stages in the assessment process. The event features presentations, poster sessions, and conference-style panels by the recipients of Assessment Mini Grants, as well as by BU faculty and staff who submit proposals in advance.

Past Assessment Symposia Resources

4th Annual Assessment Symposium (2018)

4th Annual Assessment Symposium_Schedule

Concurrent Panels (* indicates mini grant recipient)

Panel 1A – Getting Started with Program Assessment

  1. Improving Learning Outcomes Assessment for Study Abroad Sites*
  2. Music BM Program Leader Retreat to Refine Learning Outcomes and Assessment Tools*
    • James Demler, Assistant Professor of Music, Voice; Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies (CFA)
    • Karin Hendricks, Assistant Professor of Music, Music Education; Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies (CFA)
    • Ketty Nez, Assistant Professor of Music, Composition and Music Theory (CFA)
    • 1A_2. CFA, Music BM Prog Leader Retreat
  3. Gastronomy Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshops*
  4. Using ExamSoft to Improve Major and Program Learning Outcomes in Biology*

Panel 1B – Using Student Feedback in Program Assessment

  1. Office of Student Programs & Leadership (OSLP) First-Year, First Semester Student Survey*
  2. Mechanical Engineering PhD Climate Survey*
  3. Evaluation of a Master of Public Health Integrated Core Curriculum*
  4. Assessment Based GMS Program Performance Management*
    • Stephen Brady, Assistant Dean; Associate Professor, Psychiatry (GMS)
    • Bella Garrison, Administrator for Graduate Affairs (GMS)
    • Hee-Young Park, Assistant Dean; Professor, Medical Sciences & Education (GMS)
    • 1B_4. GMS, Prog Performance Mgt

Panel 2A – Using Simulation in Assessing Professional Practice

  1. An Intentional Approach to Fostering Quality Communication Skills Using Simulations
  2. Simulation in Program Assessment: A Pilot in the School of Social Work*
    • Mary Collins, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Professor, Social Welfare Policy (SSW)
    • Jordana Muroff, Associate Professor, Clinical Practice (SSW)
    • Judith Perlstein, Associate Director of Field Education; Lecturer (SSW)
    • Deborah Putnam, Part-Time Instruction Administrator (SSW)
    • 2A_2. SSW, Simulation in Prog Assessment
  3. Robotic Surgical Skills Development and Assessment in General Surgery Residents Using Simulation and 3D-Printed Anatomical Models
  4. The Role of Debriefing in Reflective Practice Using Simulation-Based Learning*

Panel 2B – Formative Assessment and Tools for Providing Feedback

  1. Improved Language Accuracy and Prosody for International Teaching Fellows Using Kaltura Video Captions*
  2. Methods of Critique for the Arts and Beyond
  3. Teaching for Mastery in the MPH Core Curriculum

Lunch and Faculty Discussion Forum

Assessment Makes the Headlines: Issues Raised by Molly Worthen’s “The Misguided Drive to Measure Learning Outcomes” New York Times Op-Ed

Panel 3A – Comprehensive Approaches to Assessing Student Outcomes

  1. Using the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s Certification Exam as a Direct Assessment of the CAS Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology*
  2. “Beyond Classrooms”: Breakthrough Technology for Practice-Based Teaching
    • Nikki James, Intersective, Australia
    • Jacey Greece, Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences (SPH)
    • Diana Marian,Project Manager, Digital Education Incubator (DEI)
    • Romy Ruukel, Director, Digital Education Incubator (DEI)
    • James Wolff, Associate Professor, Global Health (SPH)
    • 3A_2. SPH & DEI, Tech for Assess Practice-Based Teaching
  3. Competency-Based Education (CBE) in Health Care Education

Panel 3B – Assessing Innovative Learning Paradigms

  1. Online Self-Assessment of Recorded Conversations
  2. Assessing Self-Directed Learning (SDL) for International Graduate Students (CELOP& LAW)*
  3. Assessing Information Literacy Habits of Mind*

Poster_Assessing Writing in an Ethics Course

If you have any questions about the Annual Assessment Symposium, please contact Gillian Pierce, Assistant provost for Academic Assessment, or Courtney Mansfield, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Provost.