Post-Review Planning

Timely follow-through on the review by the dean(s) and the Office of  the Provost is critical to the success of the program review process.

The  formal conclusion of the review process is to assemble those who  participated in the scope of review meeting (Provost’s designee,  dean(s), and unit leadership).  Others (such as members of the Provost’s  or dean’s leadership teams) may be included in the post-review meeting,  as appropriate.  The reports generated by the review process will form  the basis of the post-review meeting to develop consensus on the  necessary next steps for addressing the opportunities and concerns  raised by the review.  The post-review meeting should be held as quickly  as possible, usually within 1-2 months of the Provost’s receipt of the  documents generated by the review.

The result of the post-review  meeting will be a formal memo from the Provost’s designee that  summarizes key aspects of the discussion at the post-review meeting and  outlines follow up and continuing discussions on the issues identified.   The dean(s) will be responsible for updating the Provost on progress  toward the goals identified within the allotted timeframe.