Committee on Academic Program Review

The University Committee on Academic Program Review (CAPR) is a standing committee composed of senior faculty representing the breadth of the University’s schools and colleges that serves as a governing entity with faculty oversight of the program review process.  Members are appointed to serve by the Provost and recommendations for service will be solicited regularly from the academic deans and the executive committee of the Faculty Council.  One member will be invited by the Provost to serve as chair.

The members of the CAPR will represent the interests of the University faculty by participating at several points in each site visit, and will advise in the formation of each review committee, including the selection of internal members of the University community to serve on individual review committees.

This committee is charged with considering all reviews conducted across the University in a given year.  On the basis of this review and assessment, the CAPR presents the resulting review documents with a cover memo to the Provost and may make additional recommendations.  The CAPR memo is advisory to the Provost and is not shared broadly.  The CAPR will also evaluate the review process itself and, if necessary, suggest modifications and revisions to the official structure.

Members of the 2016–2017 Faculty Committee on Academic Program Review:

Atkinson, David MED
Borinsky, Alicia CAS
Basu, Soumendra ENG
Friedl, Mark CAS
Golden-Biddle, Karen Questrom
Gonyea, Judith SSW
Grimes, William Pardee School, CAS
Harlow, Bernard SPH
Hansen, Ulla (Chair) CAS
Hoffman, Phyllis CFA
Lahav, Pnina LAW
Levin, David GSDM
Margo, Robert CAS
Morgan, Kathleen SAR
Patterson, Anita CAS
Salinger, Michael Questrom
Semeter, Joshua ENG
Sharma, Sunil CAS
Shell, Ellen Ruppel COM
Tager-Flusberg, Helen CAS, MED