The 2015 Graduate Research Symposium

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2015 Graduate Research Symposium.  It was a great day for research at Boston University!

The list of award winners is as follows:

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award
Student: Rachel Nauer
Title: Hippocampal subfield and medial temporal cortical persistent activity during working memory reflects ongoing encoding

School of Public Health Dean’s Award
Student: Olga Novikov
Title: The Role of Endogenous and Environmental AHR ligands in Mammary Epithelial Cell Tumor Growth and Invasion.

Goldman School of Dental Medicine Dean’s Award
Student: Khalid Alamoud
Title: Targeting the N-glycosylation regulating gene DPAGT1 for Oral Cancer

Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Dean’s Award
Student: Kari Loverro
Title: Muscle Activation during Single Leg Squat Is Affected By Position of the Non-Stance Limb

College of Engineering Dean’s Award
Student: Steve Scherr
Title: The Next Generation of Ebola Diagnostics: Real-Time Detection of Individual Viruses in a Lateral Flow Test

MET Award for Applied Science
Students: Tandhy Simanjuntak, Wenjie Shi and Nebiyu Feleke
Title: A Web-based Security Analysis Tool for Android Applications

School of Medicine: 2 awards

PHD award
Student: Philip Montenigro
Title: Beta-amyloid in chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Alzheimer’s disease, and normal aging: evidence for non-overlapping etiologies.

Masters award
Student: Alexander Hua
Title: Control of Pancreatic Cancer through PPAR-alpha

Center for Information and Systems Engineering Award
Student: Julia Fleck
Title: Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis for Personalized Cancer Therapy Design

Office of Technology Development Award
Student: William Shain
Title: Adaptive multi-photon imaging of subsurface nanoparticle flow in porous rock

Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology Award
Student: Xiaoguang Zhao
Title: Nonlinear Terahertz Metamaterial Perfect Absorber by Impact Ionization in GaAs