Meet the Staff

Julie H. Sandell, PhD
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Many of the activities within Faculty Affairs are administered by this part of the Provost’s Office, i.e., appointments and re-appointments, leaves, compensation, promotion, and recruitment. The Associate Provost oversees an experienced staff that facilitates these activities and processes these actions.

Steven M. Marois
Director of Faculty Actions

Responsible for reviewing:

  • Initial appointment paperwork for ASTPs, ASCPs, and PROFs (unmodified, clinical, and of the practice)
  • Tenure and/or promotion dossiers
  • ASCP and PROF appointment dossiers
  • FT unmodified professorial  faculty reappointments
  • Faculty Search Proposals and Affirmation Action Data
  • Other faculty actions requiring Provost review

Contact with questions regarding:

  • Faculty Searches and Affirmative Action
  • My CV
  • FARs and EARs

Paul C. Lawrence
Payroll Specialist

Responsible for reviewing:

  • Faculty off-cycle salary increases (including per-course rate increases for PT lecturers)
  • Overbase requests for staff teaching a course
  • Overbase requests for faculty teaching additional courses (per overbase rules)
  • Summer Term
  • Faculty payroll

Contact with questions regarding:

  • Faculty merit process

Ellen Latsko
Administrative Coordinator

Responsible for reviewing:

  • Part-time faculty checklists

Contact with questions regarding:

  • Faculty Actions process and policies
  • Status of Faculty Actions paperwork
  • Faculty Actions webpages/forms

Ginny Gregory
Director, Faculty Data Shared Services Center

Dan Stoll
Faculty Data Analyst, Faculty Data Shared Services Center