Tenure & Promotion Hints – Assembling the Application Binders and Supporting Materials

Application Binders


  • Please print candidate’s name, school, and department on the front and on the spine of the light blue binder.
  • Please label the original dark blue binder with only the candidate’s name and department on the front and on the spine. (Do not number the original binder.)
  • The order of each binder should be as follows: Unit Actions (Part I), Candidate’s Vita (Part II), Chair’s Report (Part III), APT Committee Report (Part IV), Dean’s Report (Part V), and UAPT Committee Report (Part VI).
  • The pages should be numbered as follows: Part I-1, Part I-2… Part II-1, Part II-1(a), Part II-1(b), Part II-2… Part V-1, Part V-2, Part V-3, Part V-4…etc…Please be sure to number pages accordingly to avoid confusion over page numbers.
  • Each evaluation letter should have its own tab with the last name of the reviewer on the tab.
  • Please fill out all sections, even if you have to enter a zero in a vote field or indicate “not applicable.”
  • Please do not staple any reports or letters throughout the dossier.
  • No markings of any kind should be made on the application or the supporting materials.
  • Please be sure that all copies are legible.
  • To update application binders, please provide the original and a three-hole-punched copy to the contact at the appropriate review level.

Supporting Materials

It is preferred that all supporting materials are submitted electronically.  If materials are not available in electronic format, please submit 3 hard copies of each sample.  In cases of hard copy submission of supporting materials:

  • Candidates should submit one set of supporting materials in loose-leaf binders, which are to be packed in a standard size bankers’ box.  (Please use bankers’ boxes only). Box should be boldly labeled on the front with candidate’s last name.  Each binder should be numbered and labeled clearly with the candidate’s name, contents, and binder/set number.
  • An abbreviated curriculum vita and a table of contents should be inserted at the beginning of each binder, with supporting materials following in the same order.
  • Please number items (i.e., articles, reviews, etc.), label sections, and include a table of contents in each binder with easy to read dividers/tabs.
  • To update supporting materials, please provide hole-punched copies.  Please mark updates clearly so that it is clear where items should be inserted.
  • The following is further advice to organize specific parts of the supporting materials:


  • Works-in-progress should be labeled as such.
  • Articles or books-in-press should include reference to the publisher or journal with an expected publication date.

Course/Teaching Materials

  • Course materials can include syllabi, notes, samples of exams, etc. These should be identified by the course and year it was taught.
  • In regard to these course materials, if a candidate has taught a large number of courses since his/her initial appointment, a sampling of four or five of these are sufficient.


  • A set of copies of all grant abstracts and all referee’s or reviewer’s reports are required (full copies of grant proposals are not required).
  • Grant applications should include information about funding success, the purpose behind the proposal, and the amount of funding.

Teaching Evaluations

  • These evaluations should be divided by course number/title and semester and should include both original written evaluations by students and statistical summaries.