Change of Title/Change of Status

The Change of Title/Change of Status form is to be used for faculty who are recommended for:

  • A rank change: Use the form for a rank changes such as a change from a full-time to a part-time rank (ie. PROF to AJPROF). Promotion actions for faculty with clinical and of the practice ranks will also be submitted on this form. Often, a “change of title” also results in a “change of status.” Thus, it would not be unusual for both changes to be indicated.
  • A change of status: A typical change of status would be a change in a faculty member’s percent time. A change in tenure track status (i.e., from a non-tenure track to a tenure-track appointment) might require initial appointment paperwork.

Please Note: For promotions dealing with ranks no longer requiring Provost approval, rank change paperwork must still be submitted to the Provost office for review of salary changes. All full-time faculty increase recommendations should also be made in the context of the Faculty Salary Review Process.

Final Approval Authority

Provost: Change to/from tenure track, Change from part-time to full-time, Promotions for Clinical and of the Practice faculty
Dean*: Full-time to part-time, changes to ranks not requiring Provost approval

*Provost approval is required for any salary or course-rate increases.

Required Paperwork for Provost Approval

For changes to/from tenure track or changes from part-time to full-time

For Clinical or “of the Practice” Promotions

  • Change of Title/Change of Status Form (PDF)
  • Memo from Dean
  • Memo from Chair
  • External Evaluation Letters (6-8)
  • Current CV
  • If school/college’s internal process includes other requirements (e.g. APT reports), please include these materials in the dossier for Provost review

Please email PDFs or send hard copies of paperwork to Lisa Celmer (, 1 Silber Way – 8th Floor). You may contact her at 8-1683 with any questions or to check the status of paperwork.