Recruitment/Search Process for Faculty Positions

University policy requires that all full-time faculty positions designed to extend beyond one semester, and all part-time positions which are expected to extend beyond one academic year, must be opened to recruitment. We expect vigorous, national searches to fill full-time faculty positions, including Clinical faculty positions, and these searches are approved by the Provost, after due consideration of the needs of the school/college, as well as budgetary and strategic considerations.  The Provost issues a memo each year to the academic deans on the Charles River Campus, outlining the process and deadlines for search proposals.  The text of the 2016 memo is forthcoming.

We require four pieces of information for each proposed search, and two items for the school as a whole, i.e. the cover memo from the Dean and the search proposal summary spreadsheet for the entire school or college. Please note that only searches that receive Provost approval may be conducted.  If you have an early advertising deadline, the Dean may approve search activities prior to approval from the Provost for that search, but the recruitment must be clearly “pending budgetary approval,” and if that search is not approved in the end, all search activities should cease.

The four things we need for every proposed search are: 1) Cover Sheet/Checklist, 2) Faculty Search Proposal Form, 3) Rationale for position from Dean or Chair, 4) Proposed advertising text.

1. Cover Sheet (for each proposed search)

The 2016 Cover Sheet and Checklist for Searches should be completed and included with each search proposal. This checklist is designed to help you and your staff submit a complete search proposal packet for each slot you would like to fill.

The proposed space allocation and renovation estimate associated with each faculty search must be reviewed and approved by Assistant Provost Amy Barrett before the proposal is submitted to the Provost. By checking this box, you are stating that Amy has reviewed and approved the space and renovation estimates associated with this search proposal.

2. Search Proposal Form (for each proposed search)

2016 Search Proposal Form

Please fill out all fields except the Applicant Flow Identification Number, which will be assigned by the Office of the Provost if the search is approved.

School/College – Department
The academic unit and department name.

  • Proposed Rank/Title
    The proposed academic rank and any administrative or other title associated with the position. Please note that the Provost will not approve open rank searches.
  • Proposed Start Date
    The proposed beginning date of appointment.
  • Initial Contract Duration
    The proposed term of initial appointment.
  • Renewable or Terminal
    Check “Renewable” if the position is expected to continue beyond the initial contract period; “Terminal” if for the contract period only.
  • Application Deadline
    The date by which applications must be received, if one has been established.
  • Budget Information
    1. Indicate whether this position would be a replacement or a new position. If it is a replacement, include the name of the person being replaced, his/her budgeted salary, and the account number. If it is a new position, check whether it is or is not in the budget. If it is in the budget, insert the amount budgeted and the account number.
    2. Include the salary projected for the requested position. If the position is not within an approved budget or if the projected salary exceeds the amount budgeted, specify the proposed funding source. Note that this should be fully addressed in the memorandum described above.
  • Planned Recruitment – please fill out all cells.  Include the proposed advertising text as a separate attachment.
  • Submitted By and Submission Approved
    Signatures of the form preparer and Dean with dates. After signature, submit the form to the Office of the Provost. Electronic signatures are fine, and we prefer electronic submission of the entire packet.  Please send to Steve Marois.

3) Rationale for Position (for each proposed search)

Attach a memorandum to the Provost explaining why the position is needed. Include information on the intended teaching assignment and other duties to be assigned to the appointee. If the projected salary exceeds the budgeted amount or if it is not yet budgeted, the memorandum should include a justification of the amount and an identification of the proposed funding source.

4) Proposed Advertising Text (for each proposed search)

Include your proposed advertising text. We will be in touch if it seems to contain an error, or does not match the search, as it is finally approved.  We use this text to place on-line ads in several venues, at no charge to you. The Office of the Provost has prepared a Faculty Advertisement Guide to help you draft effective ads.

For the entire School or College we need a cover memo from the Dean, summarizing the proposed recruitments for the unit, as well as the Search Budget Summary Spreadsheet, which contains the budgetary information for all the requested searches for the school or college for a given year.

Search Budget Summary Spreadsheet

The 2016 Search Budget Summary Spreadsheet outlines the budget information and financial requests for all proposed full-time faculty searches within the unit. Please use this year’s form.  If you have questions about how to use it, please contact Pat O’Brien or Steve Marois. The positions should be listed in order of priority, with the most pressing needs listed first. For each proposed search, please list the designated space arrangements (office and laboratory assignments) in the appropriate cells. The salary and rank information included on the Budget Summary Spreadsheet should match the corresponding fields on the Search Proposal Forms.