Part-time Instructional Faculty

Final Approval Authority

Provost: Part time instructional faculty appointments and reappointments

Paperwork Required for Provost Review

The Office of the Provost must approve all part-­‐time faculty appointments for classroom teachers during the academic year and for the Summer Term. This includes part-­‐time: Lecturers, professorial faculty with modified titles (Adjunct, Research, Clinical, and of the Practice), as well as Emeritus faculty re-­‐hired on a part-­‐time basis to teach. It does not include part-­‐time Visiting faculty.

 Current  Graduate  Students,  Staff  and  Full-­‐time   Faculty:  Provost  approval  is  required  for appointment of graduate students and staff who will serve as the instructor of record and will be paid specifically for that part-­‐time teaching, whether or not they receive an additional title. Approval is not required for a current graduate student who will be serving as a Teaching Fellow or for a full-­‐time faculty member who will be paid an overbase to teach an extra course. Note that graduate students who already receive full financial support are generally ineligible to be paid overbase for additional teaching.

Online Teaching: Faculty who teach exclusively on-­‐line, or who serve as online facilitators, are currently excluded from the review process.  If the course is “blended,” with a face-­‐to face component, then it falls under classroom teaching and the part-­‐time faculty appointment must be approved by the Provost. Please check with Deb Lynch in the Office of the Provost if you have any questions about the populations that need to be approved.

Checklists  and  CVs:  Please  address  each  item  on  the  checklist  and  include  a  current  CV.  If an item is not applicable, please note this; do not leave the field blank.

Approval   Process:   The   Office   of   the   Provost   approves   part-­‐time    appointments   and reappointments on a rolling basis.   Our goal is to provide approval within a few days. Please help us by sending in the checklists as they are completed rather than waiting until you have several hundred. We recognize that there will always be a few last minute appointments, but please do not hold a batch of completed checklists for weeks while you wait for stragglers.  Send us the stragglers later. Thank you!

Checklists and CVs should be submitted electronically to Deb Lynch. You may contact her at 8-1683 with any questions or to check the status of paperwork.