Childbirth Leaves and Primary Caregiver Workload Reductions

Faculty Handbook Information on Childbirth Leave and Workload Reduction
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Final Approval Authority

Dean: Standard Childbirth Leaves* and Workload Reductions*

*Notification required by Provost Office



Childbirth Leave:

Women who give birth, and who are Assistant, Associate and Full Professors, Research, Clinical, and “of the Practice” Professors, Lecturers or Instructors, and who are full-time, compensated employees are all eligible for six weeks (directly following the birth of the child) of Paid Absence for Childbirth.

Primary Caregiver Workload Reduction:

  • Those with unmodified professorial titles;
  • Those with professorial titles modified by Research, Clinical, and of the Practice;
  • Lecturers;
  • Instructors

provided that the individual meets all of the following conditions:

  • He or she will be the primary care giver for the child during the requested period of workload reduction;
  • At the time the workload reduction request is made, the individual either: a) has a multi-year appointment and has had a minimum of one year of full-time service to the University; or b) has a one year appointment and has had a minimum of two years of full-time service to the University;
  • He or she has an appointment that extends at least through the end date of the requested workload reduction period;
  • He or she intends to return to full workload, provided he or she is reappointed or his or her appointment continues.
  • The period of the Primary Caregiver Paid Workload Reduction is completed within 16 months of the date the child is born or joins the family by other means, or faculty member becomes the sole legal guardian.

Tenure Deferment

All faculty members on the tenure-track who take a Paid Absence for Childbirth and/or Workload Reduction because they become the primary caregiver of a new child will be granted an automatic one-year deferral of the tenure review deadline.

There is a limit of two 1-year postponements of the tenure review deadline for any reason (medical leaves, Paid Absence for Childbirth, Workload Reduction, etc.).