Non-Academic Leaves of Absense

Faculty Handbook Information on Temporary Disability Policy
Faculty Handbook Information on FMLA
Information on Childbirth Leave and Workload Reduction

Please note that long-term disability leaves and benefits should be arranged as soon as it is determined that a faculty member will be disabled for a period longer than 6 months, through the Benefits Section of Human Resources.

Final Approval Authority

Provost: Medical and Family Medical Leaves, related deferments of tenure review year
Dean: Childbirth Leaves* and Workload Reductions* (visit here for information)

*Notification required by Provost Office



Forms should be sent to Ginny Gregory (, 1 Silber Way – 8th Floor). Completed certification forms should be sent to Ginny directly, in a sealed envelope.

Requests for tenure deferment should be noted appropriately on the form and will be subject to Provost approval.

Please contact Steve Marois (, 8-4843) with any questions or to check the status of paperwork.