Initial Appointments for Associate and Full Professors

Faculty Handbook Information on Faculty Appointments

Final Approval Authority

President: Associate Professor (excluding LAW), Professor

Required Paperwork

We reserve the right to hold paperwork until all required pieces are received

Appointment Dossier and Supporting Materials

Narrative Summary

One paragraph description of the candidate’s career path. This may be as brief as one or two sentences, but should not exceed one paragraph. Please include in this narrative such information as:

  • Prior position, including whether the person was on the tenure track, whether he or she was reviewed for tenure, and the outcome of any prior tenure reviews
  • Length of time before tenure review or date of previous promotion
  • Explanation for any extensions of the tenure clock, if applicable
  • Explanation for early or out-of-cycle reviews, including the competing institution if our review is triggered by a retention situation

Completion of Unit Actions Sheet

Each review level of the initial hire process is responsible for recording the recommendation, recording the votes when necessary, and signing the Unit Actions form.

CV and Supporting Materials

  • A current, complete CV that includes: the usual educational and appointment history, complete bibliographic citations or other references for scholarly or creative work, list of invited presentations or performances, history of research support, fellowships and other honors, teaching history, students trained if applicable, professional service, and so forth. The CV should include dates for all applicable items. In the absence of the “Part II” of our normal promotion application, the CV for an initial senior appointment case needs to present a complete picture of the history and accomplishments of the candidate, so the candidate should feel free to annotate or expand it if that would be helpful for the reviewers.
  • We also need an electronic copy (bookmarked PDF) or three hard copies of the three most recent and/or significant publications by the candidate and any supporting materials regarding teaching or grants. Pre-prints or work in press should be identified as such, with an anticipated publication date and publisher, if known.

The copies of supporting materials should be kept separate from the initial appointment reports. Please make it as easy as possible for the evaluators and committee members to access and review the materials. Supporting materials should be placed in binders with a table of contents at the front with dividers between each type of supporting material, and colored slip sheets and/or easy-to-read tabs. Ellen Latsko in the Office of the Provost, can answer any questions you may have about the extent and form of the materials that we need. Most of the material can and should be submitted electronically.

Department Level: The Department Vote

If an initial appointment with tenure is recommended, all tenured members of the department should review the candidate’s dossier, discuss his/her qualifications, and vote whether to recommend the appointment. If a tenure-track or non-tenure-track appointment is recommended, all full-time department faculty at or above the proposed rank and at the appropriate status should review the materials and vote on the proposed appointment.

Chair’s Report

A candidate’s prospective Department Chair is responsible for the following:

  • Obtaining the necessary materials from the candidate (CV and supporting materials)
  • Consulting with the Dean or his or her designee to solicit and collect the requisite letters from external evaluators, as described above
  • Ensuring that the above materials are reviewed, discussed, and voted on by appropriate members of the department
  • Completing the Chair’s report and submitting it along with three copies of supporting materials to the Dean’s Office, using whatever process is in place in the school or college for promotion cases

If a school/college is not organized into departments or divisions, the Dean shall delegate the Chair’s responsibility to an individual who will serve as Chair for the review. This should be noted on the Unit Actions sheet and the Chair’s report.

School APT Report

The APT Committee must write a report for each initial hire case and record the APT Committee’s vote for each on the Unit Actions page, signed by the APT Committee Chair. This information is then forwarded to the Dean’s Office for the Dean’s review and report.

Dean’s Report

The Dean is responsible for reviewing the entire dossier, making a recommendation, and forwarding the case to the Provost (via the Tenure Specialist in the Office of the Provost).

External Evaluators

Each senior initial appointment case should include 10–12 letters from external evaluators. Please note that the identity of evaluators is confidential and cannot be released to candidates at any time. IMPORTANT: Senior hire candidates may furnish to the Chair and/or Dean up to three names of outside scholars and experts who are well-situated to evaluate the candidate’s scholarly and professional activities. However, the preponderance of the external evaluations in the final dossier must be “arm’s length” from the candidate, and any evaluators who were suggested by the candidate will not be considered to be arm’s length. We cannot assure that the names furnished by candidates will be used to solicit evaluations.

Please use the following template for your letters soliciting external evaluations for initial appointment at the Associate or Full Professor level: Initial ASCP or PROF External-Reviewer-Letter March2013

UAPT Report

The University Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (UAPT) Committee reviews and votes on all initial hires at the Associate or Full Professor rank, as well as reviewing internal promotion and tenure cases. After the UAPT Committee prepares their report with a recommendation to the Provost for each candidate, it is added to the candidate’s dossier. The case is then forwarded to the Provost with all the supporting materials.

Initial Appointment Paperwork

Initial Appointment Form

The most pertinent details about the appointment are listed here, such as appointment duration, work assignment, source of funding for the appointment, and a comments section. The comments section must include any special requests as outlined in the Dean’s memo. All sections of this form must be completed; areas that do not apply should be marked “N/A.” When the appointment has been reviewed and approved, a copy of the form with the Provost’s signature will be returned as official administrative approval.

Affirmative Action Report

This information must be submitted online through the AARF Application, concurrent with the recommendation for all initial full-time appointments that extend beyond one semester. Please ensure the report information is complete and ready for review upon receipt by the Office of the Provost.

Signed Offer Letter

Board of Trustees Cover Page

This form pulls together a summary of the appointment to present to the Board of Trustees. Most of the information may be pulled from a candidate’s CV and the Chair/Dean memos. Chair and Dean signatures are required at the end of the form.


Appointment dossiers and supporting materials, as well as standard initial appointment paperwork should be sent to Ellen Latsko (, 1 Silber Way – 8th Floor). You may contact her at 8-1683 with any questions or to check the status of paperwork.