Initial Appointments (Full Time)

Faculty Handbook Information on Faculty Appointments

Final Approval Authority

President: ASCP*, PROF*
Provost: ASTP, CLASTP, CLASCP, CLPROF, “of the Practice” ranks, part-time instructional faculty**
Dean: INST, LECT, SRLECT, MSLECT, PREC, CLINST, Adjunct faculty, Research faculty, Visiting faculty

*Please visit Initial Appointments of Associate and Full Professors for instructions
**Please visit Part Time Instructional Faculty for instructions.

Paperwork Required for Provost Review

We reserve the right to hold paperwork until all required pieces are received

Initial Appointment Form

The most pertinent details about the appointment are listed here, such as appointment duration, work assignment, source of funding for the appointment, and a comments section. The comments section must include any special requests as outlined in the Dean’s memo. All sections of this form must be completed; areas that do not apply should be marked “N/A.” When the appointment has been reviewed and approved, a copy of the form with the Provost’s signature will be returned as official administrative approval.

Dean’s Memo

This should provide a brief overview of the appointment. This information would include the proposed rank and appointment period, tenure review year, if applicable, courses to be offered, any additional responsibilities, and the proposed salary and funding source. It is important that all special situations, funding requests, etc., are clearly stated in this memo; they must also be noted on the initial appointment form. All information on the Dean’s memo should be consistent with the rest of the appointment package.

Chair’s Memo

This should contain a descriptive, one-paragraph abstract of the appointment including a sentence on the educational background of the candidate, a sentence on the individual’s intellectual interests and contributions to the field, and another sentence or two on relevant experience. Where a Chair’s statement is not applicable or complete, the Dean needs to address these issues.

Affirmative Action Report

This information must be submitted online through the AARF Application, concurrent with the recommendation for all initial full-time appointments that extend beyond one semester. Please ensure the report information is complete and ready for review upon receipt by the Office of the Provost. For part-time appointments, please use the hard copy Affirmative Action Report Form. The form is designed to:

-Monitor and document the faculty recruitment and appointment process substantiating Boston University’s affirmative action policy of actively recruiting women and minorities;
-Serve as the input document for the automated Faculty Applicant Flow system.

    Signed Offer Letter

    External Letters of Recommendation

    These should not to be more than one year old. Please provide an English translation if any letters are in a foreign language.

    Candidate’s CV

    This must be up-to-date (no more than three months old).

    Signed Patent Policy Form

    All full-time faculty at Boston University are required to submit a signed copy of the Patent Policy Agreement. This form, which provides for specific acceptance of the policy, should be submitted to the Office of the Provost along with the appointment paperwork supporting the Dean’s recommendation of the candidate. Candidates should be assured that the policy will take effect only if their appointments are approved and they accept the position. The signed form MUST be submitted with initial appointment paperwork.

    Board of Trustees Cover Page (ASTP, ASCP, and PROF only)

    This form pulls together a summary of the appointment to present to the Board of Trustees. Most of the information may be pulled from a candidate’s CV and the Chair/Dean memos. Chair and Dean signatures are required at the end of the form.

    For Paperwork Requiring Provost Approval:

    Please email PDFs or send hard copies of paperwork to Lisa Celmer (, 1 Silber Way – 8th Floor). You may contact her at 8-1683 with any questions or to check the status of paperwork.

    Once paperwork has received final approval from the Provost, the Provost Office will send a scan of the initial appointment form to the school/college. Individual deans should send letters of notification to faculty. New BUIDs will be generated via the new hire form in SAP.