Emeritus Appointments and Extensions of Service

Faculty Handbook information on Emeritus status

Emeritus is a status of honor and esteem at Boston University intended to recognize professors for lifetime contributions to the university, to their field, or to both, upon their retirement. Professorial faculty, with or without tenure or modified titles, are eligible for this consideration. The granting of Emeritus status is first voted upon by the faculty of the department, or by the appropriate unit for faculty appointments and promotions in schools or colleges without departments. The outcome of that vote is transmitted to the Dean, who is authorized to grant the change in status. Emeritus faculty retain the academic rank held at the time of retirement, modified by the incorporation of the Emeritus or Emerita designation. If applicable, this title includes the modifiers “Clinical,” “Research,” or “of the Practice,” however, honorific titles, including named professorships, are not incorporated into the Emeritus designation. Emeritus status is not awarded posthumously and a faculty member who retires from Boston University to assume a professorship at another university is also normally not eligible for consideration for Emeritus status.

Occasionally faculty emeriti are asked to teach a course for a school/college at a rate of compensation appropriate to the assigned responsibilities. This is considered an extension of service

Final Approval Authority

Dean: Emeritus Appointments*, Extensions of Service*

*notification required by Provost Office

Available Paperwork

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