Electronic UAPT Binders


Each school/college should put their files into an organized directory structure on a network file share.  The narrative summary and Parts 1-5 of the application should be combined into one bookmarked PDF. The supporting materials should be combined into a second bookmarked PDF.

Combined PDF

All sections of the application dossier should be combined into a single PDF. This PDF should be called “Lastname-Firstname-Application.pdf”.  Please place the External Evaluation Letters after the Dean’s Report.  [Note: One set of external letters should be solicited, either by the Chair or Dean.]

  • Scanned documents should be avoided whenever possible in favor of the original electronic version. They take up less space, look sharper on the screen, and are more easily searched.
  • This should be created using this menu option: File -> Combine -> Merge Files into a Single PDF. DO NOT USE A PDF PORTFOLIO.
  • This will allow you to select all the PDFs above and place each PDF in a specific order. After you have created the single PDF, you can then drag and nest the bookmarks as appropriate, such as placing all the external letters under an “External Letters” bookmark.
  • After creation, use Document -> Reduce File Size to reduce the file size. Use “Make Compatible with Adobe 7.0 and later.”

Following the same steps, create the second combined PDF containing all of the Supporting Materials.

Please note: The Supporting Materials PDF cannot be larger than 100 MB.  If it is, please be sure to break it down to 2 or 3 PDF’s, as necessary.  For instance, the teaching materials may be put into their own PDF.

Recommended Folder Structure

Each school should set up their own directory, but the Office of the Provost can provide space if needed. This folder structure should be kept well organized to keep the process orderly.

Sample directory structure:

School Abbreviation (ENG) (Root directory of UAPT system)

Academic Year (2009–2010)

Dept Abbreviation (ECE)

Faculty Member (Joan Q. Professor)

Lastname-Firstname—Application.pdf (combined PDF file)

Lastname-Firstname—Supporting Materials.pdf (combined PDF file)

Lastname-Firstname—Part 1 Unit Actions

Lastname-Firstname— Part 2 CV

Lastname-Firstname— Part 3 Chair’s Report

Faculty Letters

Student Letters

Lastname-Firstname— Part 4 APT Report

Lastname-Firstname— Part 5 Dean’s Report

Lastname-Firstname— External Evaluation Letters

Lastname-Firstname— Supporting Materials

Section 1 Teaching

Section 2 Publications and Grants

Section 3 Student Evaluations

Individual Documents

Each directory should have a document in it if applicable. Each document should be a PDF or DOC file, and be named according to the directory it is in. Even though there is often duplication between the directory and document name it is worth it to maintain a consistent structure. For instance, inside of the “Lastname-Firstname – Part 4 APT Report” folder should be “Lastname-Firstname – Part 4 APT Report.pdf”.

The Faculty and Student Letters should be included in the Chair’s Report PDF.

Every single file should have the applicant’s Lastname-Firstname as the first part of the filename.

Notes on Updates

If any updates have been submitted for the file, you can add them by putting in an (Update) addition in the document filename.

Notes on security

You need to give the ad\PROV-UAPT-Committee group read rights on the whole tree.

There should be an explicit DENY for the individual faculty member under review for their own folder.

You will want to open this folder to your local document coordinator to start with, and then department Chair, the APT committee, and Dean, as appropriate.

If you open the folder to more than your local document coordinator, you should interview your coordinator for details regarding who should have access to what — especially with regards to the Dean’s and Chair’s reports.


There is a zip file of the example structure available.

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