Administrative Approval Chart for Faculty Actions

Administrative Approval Required for Faculty Actions Chart


Faculty Ranks Initial
Reappointment Board Approval
for initial appointment)
LECT (part-time) Dean Dean* No
LECT (full-time) Dean Dean No
SRLECT Dean Dean No
MSLECT Dean Dean No
PREC Dean Dean No
INST Dean Dean No
ASTP Provost Provost No
ASCP President Provost No
PROF President Provost No
Adjunct Faculty Dean Dean* No
Clinical Faculty (part-time) Dean Dean* No
Clinical Faculty (full-time) Provost Dean No
Visiting Faculty Dean Dean No
Associate/Full Professor of the Practice (full-time only) Provost Dean No
Research Faculty (part-time) Dean Dean* No
Research Faculty (full-time) Dean Dean No
Endowed/Chaired Professor Provost Provost No
Executive-In-Residence Dean Dean No
Artist-In-Residence Dean Dean No
Associate Dean Dean Dean No
Chair Dean Dean No
Acting Chair Dean Dean No
Associate Chair Dean Dean No
(Academic Centers & Institutes and stand-alone academic programs) Provost Provost No
(all others) Dean Dean No
Acting Director
(Academic Centers & Institutes, and stand-alone academic programs) Provost Provost No (some exceptions)
(all others) Dean Dean No
Associate Director Dean Dean No
Assistant Director Dean Dean No
Actions Administrative Approval Board Approval
Promotion to ASCP or PROF President No
Tenure President No
Sabbatical Dean No
Leaves of Absence Dean No
Emeritus Status Dean No
Extension of Service Dean No
Change of Status
full-time to part-time Dean No
part-time to full-time Provost No
non-tenure to tenure- track; tenure-track to non-tenure track Provost No
Additional (secondary or co-terminous) appointments without tenure for full-time faculty Dean** No

*Provost approval is required for any salary or course-rate increases.

**Inter-school/college appointments must submit approval memos from each Dean, to the Office of the Provost