The Factory of Seeing, Navigating Through the Making of Images – Lecture and Workshop

10:00 am on Monday, November 18, 2019
12:30 pm on Monday, November 18, 2019
Calle del Forno Cannaregio 3857 30121 Venice Italy
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Maura Orlandini
The Factory of seeing is a private collection and also a research space where the themes of moving images are studied in depth, from experimental cinema to video art. Here old systems of reproduction and cinema making can be studied and tried on. Thanks to the invention of extraordinary instruments and optical devices, forms and representations of real and imaginary worlds spread before the invention of cinema. Travelers who carry optical machines and fantastic devices for "moving shows" around Europe are a true socio-cultural fresco of an era that preceded the invention of cinema. Fantastic worlds were conveyed and managed by the 'light bearers', who can truly be considered as modern descendants of Ulysses. With their diffusion, they also created those "places of images" for common citizenship, a true bridge between high and popular culture. They changed the mentality and way of vision and perception expanding collective imagination. BU students will prepare the visit with Prof. Anna Marescotti to be able to understand the Italian words that will be used. They will have a chance to visit the collection of the Factory of seeing, attend a lecture by Prof. Carlo Montanaro on old reproduction systems and experimental cinema and be part of a workshop on old reproduction cinema machines (zoetropes, flipbooks, magic lanterns and others)