Mikhail Bulgakov's BLACK SNOW

2:00 pm on Saturday, February 17, 2018
Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Theatre presents BLACK SNOW by Mikhail Bulgakov | Translated by Keith Reddin | Directed by Jillian Robertson | When Maxudov's novel fails, he attempts suicide. When that fails, he dramatizes his novel. To Maxudov's surprise—and the resentment of literary Moscow—the play is accepted by the legendary Independent Theater, and Maxudov plunges into a vortex of inflated egos. Each rehearsal sees more and more sparks flying higher and higher...with less and less chance of poor Maxudov's play ever being performed. Black Snow is the ultimate backstage novel, and a brilliant satire on Mikhail Bulgakov's ten-year love-hate relationship with Stanislavsky Method acting and the Moscow Arts Theater. | FREE Admission!