Broken Cities: A Game About the Costs of Climate Change Adaptation Versus Mitigation

11:00 am on Friday, April 19, 2013
2:00 pm on Friday, April 19, 2013
Contact Name:
Enrique Silva
Come and play or observe the transcontinental board game: Broke Cities Broken Cities is designed specifically to help participants understand the complex issues facing citizens and decision-makers as climate changes induce for example less predictable seasonal precipitation patterns, and increase frequency of extreme events, including droughts, flooding, heat waves and cold spells. This game can synthesize the complexity into a simple set of rules and convey nuances of various options and choices in a way that traditional presentations cannot. And on top of that, it’s fun! Background: In spite of more than twenty years of negotiations at national and international level, action on climate change is still led by cities and other local level initiatives. Often out of sheer necessity, but also due to the fact that today more than half of the world’s population live in cities, and cities account for up to 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. There is, however, still a drastic need to scale up our responses to climate change in terms of both mitigative and adaptive actions. This will require better understanding of local and regional climate change effects, stronger and earlier responses from a long range of stakeholders, a much larger degree of collaboration between these, and innovation and creativity in both top-down and bottom-up climate planning. In this KlimaLab and Earth Day Network Event, we invite you to participate with us in taking responsibility, trying stuff and inspiring action in a climate reality that requires urgent responses. And, to have some serious fun in a unique, transcontinental urban planning for climate change mitigation & adaptation game session! The event is sponsored by Norden Top-level Research Initiative in Interdisciplinary research: theories and applications in urban climate change adaptation, The Danish Society of Engineers, Aalborg Municipality and realised by KlimaLab, Aalborg University, and the Earth Day Network in collaboration with Portland State University, Boston University, and Helsinki University. CONTACT Enrique Silva, if interested in participating in or observing the game. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE