1979 Metcalf Cup & Prize

George H. Labovitz, SMG

george-labovitzProfessor George Labovitz is known by his colleagues and by virtually all of the students of the School of Management as a complete and gifted teacher. Every year, he teaches his specialized subject, Organizational Behavior, to the entire junior class of the School. Whether his class is a large lecture or a small seminar, Professor Labovitz succeeds in suffusing it with thoughtfulness, intellectual excitement, and warmth. He has the ability, while lecturing to more than five hundred easily distracted students, to capture the attention of each of them and to impart a lively sense of personal involvement.

Nor is this a forensic illusion, for Professor Labovitz gives all his students individual attention—discussing their studies, offering tutorial help, assisting them to plan their careers. He quickens their ambition and helps them to fulfill it. His students report that “never have they worked harder, learned more, and enjoyed it more” than in his classes.

In addition to his teaching on campus, Professor Labovitz is widely known for his lectures and seminars for alumni and community groups, from police officers to hospital personnel to business executives. Like his students at Boston University, they delight in his enthusiasm and competence. Professor Labovitz is a consummate teacher who brings breadth and rigor to the study of management. In so doing he enriches the intellectual life of Boston University.