1976 Metcalf Cup & Prize

Elisabeth Wiig, SAR

elisabeth-wiigProfessor Elisabeth Wiig joined the Boston University faculty in 1970. She is now Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. One of our leading clinicians, Professor Wiig has published extensively and recently co-authored a definitive text in the field of learning disabilities. She serves as a consultant to many hospitals in the Boston metropolitan area.

While Professor Wiig is engaged in numerous editorial and professional activities, her most stimulating and continuing influence at the University evolves from the quality of her teaching. Intelligence, humanity and profound sympathy have informed her work with aphasics and other handicapped persons. In merging clinical practice with her teaching, Professor Wiig has set an affecting example for the students of Sargent College. Her work in the classroom embodies the best qualities of involved scholarship with a supportive concern and enthusiasm for all who are privileged to attend her classes.