Metcalf Awards for Excellence in Teaching: Past Awardees

2014 Metcalf Award Recipients

Terry Everson

College of Fine Arts, Music

Terry Everson is winner of the 2014 Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching (Photo by Mike Spencer, BU Photography)

Terry Everson is Associate Professor in the School of Music in the College of Fine Arts. His research and teaching concentrate on musical foundation and composition and on the development of students into skilled brass musicians.

Throughout his 15 years at BU, Professor Everson’s international renown as a trumpeter has been equaled only by the joy and commitment he inspires in students seeking to carve their own niches as performers. In Professor Everson, students have at once a front row seat to an artist in his musical prime and a champion and critic who challenges them to reach within and become one with the music they’re playing.

Professor Everson’s nominators describe him as a “role model for students, [who] defines ‘the complete musician,’” motivating those in his classes to push harder as performers, while immersing them in active learning through discussion and public performance. Those working to grasp new techniques or remedy difficulties find a teacher accessible at almost any hour with imaginative, tailored approaches that empower them to discover their own solutions.

A frequent substitute with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops who teaches courses in Trumpet Studio, Orchestral Techniques, and Chamber Music, Professor Everson routinely thrusts his students into professional settings, as both spectators and participants, exposing them to a standard of sound and practice available to few. For trumpet ensemble, he regularly composes new works, conducting and playing alongside students to ensure they are concert-ready. The performers who emerge are confident beyond their years, many winning international competitions before becoming established artists and teachers themselves.

Professor Everson earned his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in Trumpet Performance from The Ohio State University. A respected soloist, composer, and church musician, he has produced or appeared on dozens of acclaimed CDs and won national honors for his work with the New England Brass Band.

Alan Marscher

College of Arts & Sciences, Astronomy

Alan Marscher is winner of the 2014 Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching (Photo by Mike Spencer, BU Photography)

Alan Marscher is Professor of Astronomy in the College of Arts & Sciences. Through his research, he explores high-energy astrophysics and the nature of extragalactic phenomena, including black holes and exploding stars.

For more than 25 years, Professor Marscher has shaped the way non-science majors approach scientific inquiry, providing a grounding that goes galaxies beyond fulfillment of requirements and instead sparks in students a lasting fascination with the laws of the universe and their impact on humanity. A champion of in-class discussion and demonstration, Professor Marscher infuses lectures with equal parts Mr. Wizard and science fundamentals, colorfully illuminating questions of astronomy, our origins, and our future.

Writes one student, “Professor Marscher engages the minds of his students and expands not simply their worldview, but how they look at themselves, the night sky, and the entire universe. His lectures are not verbatim readings of the textbook . . . but are instead guided journeys through the cosmos where students visit super massive stars and learn that the iron atoms in their blood originated in their cores.”

Professor Marscher’s Cosmology and Core Curriculum courses are demanding. They’re also memorable. Challenging assignments are punctuated by class visits to the Hayden Planetarium or to the College of Arts & Sciences’ roof, where Professor Marscher sets up telescopes to view planets, the moon, and binary stars. And then there are the songs—about black holes, gravity, and atoms—which he composes and enthusiastically performs to help clarify difficult material.

Professor Marscher earned his B.S. in Engineering Science from Cornell University and his Master’s and Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Virginia. He conducted postdoctoral work at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The Director of BU’s Institute for Astrophysical Research, he has authored hundreds of articles in leading journals and written his course’s Core Curriculum textbook, published electronically and distributed for free to students.

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