Org Chart & Staff Directory

pdf-iconOrganizational Chart


Jean Morrison Provost and Chief Academic Officer 617-353-2230
Beth LeBlanc Senior Executive Assistant to the Provost 617-353-5070
David Lazar Communications Specialist 617-358-6666
Jesus (Chu) Nater Reception/Administrative Coordinator 617-353-2230
Megan Funaro Administrative Coordinator/Scheduler 617-358-1685

Academic Facilities

Amy Barrett Assistant Provost for Academic Space Planning 617-358-5468

Budget and Planning

Christopher L. Goss Associate Provost for Budget and Planning 617-353-2288
Alison English Director of Finance and Administration 617-353-2288
Ashley Sampson Strategic Initiatives Specialist 617-353-8687

BU Arts Initiative

Ty Furman Managing Director 617-358-0489
Sarah Collins Administrative Coordinator 617-358-0727

Dean of Students

Kenneth Elmore Dean of Students 617-353-4126
Jack Weldon Associate Dean of Students 617-353-4126
Steve Singer Associate Dean of Students, Shared Business Services 617-353-3529
Daryl DeLuca Assistant Dean of Students 617-353-4126
David Zamojski Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life 617-353-4380
John Battaglino Assistant Dean of Students & Executive Director of Student Activities 617-353-4126
Dale Robbins Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Judicial Affairs 617-358-0700
Susan Cleaver Manager, Shared Business Services 617-353-1777
Katherine Cornetta Assistant to the Dean of Students 617-353-4126
Daniel Solworth Chief of Staff 617-353-4126
Lucy Torres Executive Secretary 617-353-4126

Enrollment and Student Affairs

Laurie A. Pohl Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs 617-353-9814
Denise C. Mooney Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs 617-353-9814
Christine W. McGuire Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs and Executive Director for Financial Assistance 617-353-4181
Kelly A. Walter Associate Vice President & Executive Director of Admissions 617-353-3530
Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith Assistant Vice President and University Registrar 617-353-8353
Julie Wickstrom Director, Office of Financial Assistance 617-353-4176
Roberta Valday Executive Director, Enrollment Services 617-353-6715
David Backus Director of Finance and Human Resources Administration 617-353-5318
Mary Ann French Director, Student Employment 617-353-5168
Kimberly G. DelGizzo Director, Center for Career Development 617-353-3590
Glenn Wrigley Director, Educational Resource Center 617-353-7077
Clare Froggatt Fitzgerald Executive Assistant to the Vice President 617-358-4555
Cristina Cruz Assistant to the Associate Vice Presidents 617-358-1284

Faculty Affairs

Julie Sandell Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs 617-358-5846
Ginny Gregory Faculty Data Shared Services Director 617-353-1935
Paul C. Lawrence Payroll Specialist 617-353-1945
Steven M. Marois Faculty Actions Manager and Research Specialist 617-358-4843
Deb Lynch Administrative Coordinator 617-358-1683
Dan Stoll Faculty Data Analyst 617-358-5010

Global Programs

Willis G. Wang Vice President and Associate Provost for Global Programs, and Deputy General Counsel 617-358-6350
Melissa Malone Assistant to the Vice President and Associate Provost for Global Programs 617-358-6350
Amanda Miller Managing Director, Strategy & Communications 617-358-6351
Ian Dwyer Director, Finance & Administration 617-353-3819
Carmine Granucci IT Manager 617-353-7957
Keith Davis III Web Master 617-353-3316
Roberta Turri Vise Managing Director, Operations 617-353-2963
Dagmar Whitaker HR Manager 617-358-2260
Joseph P. Finkhouse Associate Director, Health, Safety & Security 617-353-5401
Adeline Wong Assistant Director, Operations 617-358-0364
Kevin Nelson Managing Director, Finance & Administration 617-358-4819
Deepti Nijhawan Director, India Initiatives 617-358-7107
Gail Davis Senior Manager, Communications 617-353-8729
Nandor Moore Communications Specialist 617-358-2945
Megan Driscoll Program Manager 617-358-6352
Shih Chi Chang Finance & Administration Specialist 617-358-3784
Shafiq Sattar Systems Support Specialist II 617-358-2499
Sarah Zadova Senior Financial Analyst 617-353-9888
Laura Reinholm (Greene) Financial Analyst 617-358-2814
Roseann Trabucco Financial Analyst 617-358-2260
Linda Surette Office Coordinator 617-353-5058


Gloria Waters Vice President and Associate Provost for Research 617-358-4791
Kathryn Mellouk Associate Vice President for Research Compliance 617-358-4730
Cara Ellis McCarthy Assistant Vice President for Research Initiatives 617-358-6118
Sarah Hokanson Program Director, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs 617-358-2111
Cj Lehr Program Director, Research Communication & Documentation 617-358-1935
Mia Bott Business Manager (Research Compliance) 617-358-5509
Kevin Gonzales Research Administration Specialist 617-358-1938
Kat Tokarz Research Communications Specialist 617-358-1618
Maura Monahan Administrative Coordinator (Research) 617-353-2595
Samantha Secor Administrative Coordinator (Research Compliance) 617-353-4094

Strategic Initiatives

Nicole Hawkes Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff 617-358-5207
Ty Furman Managing Director, BU Arts Initiative 617-358-0489
Amanda Urias Manager, Academic Program Review & Strategic Initiatives 617-353-1941
Ashley Sampson Strategic Initiatives Specialist 617-353-8687

Undergraduate & Graduate Affairs

Elizabeth Loizeaux Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs 617-353-2138
Timothy Barbari Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs 617-353-2141
Suzanne Kennedy Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs 617-353-8686
Patricia O’Brien Assistant Provost for Graduate Enrollment Management 617-358-1622
Linda Wells Special Advisor for Student Choices and Transitions 617-358-1601
Gillian Pierce Director of Learning Assessment 617-358-5119
Diane Flynn Director of National & International Scholarships 617-358-5009
Bennett Goldberg Director of BU STEM Education Initiatives 617-358-1206
Joyce Wong Director of ARROWS@BU 617-358-1206
John Stringer Senior Research Analyst 617-358-0686
PJ Jorgensen Programs and Events Specialist 617-353-9506
Alissa Beideck Academic Affairs Specialist 617-358-0515
Kelly Connors Administrative Coordinator 617-353-6850
Sarah Theurkauf Administrative Coordinator 617-358-5008