Promotions to Full Professor on the Charles River Campus

February 20th, 2018

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer

I am delighted to announce the promotion of 8 members of our Charles River Campus faculty to the rank of Full Professor at Boston University.

Through seminal scholarship, field-defining exploration, and passion for the transmission of knowledge, these exceptional faculty members have emerged as leaders, both in their respective areas of research and in their classrooms. They are merging disciplines to discover solutions to some of our most pressing challenges, producing foundational writings that help to further evolve our understanding of the world, and working to inspire a new generation of young scholars and professionals. In doing so, they help to demonstrate each day the depth and excellence of Boston University’s talented academic community. We are proud to count them as members of our faculty and pleased that they have reached this significant milestone here at BU:

Emily Barman, CAS, Sociology, researches the social organization of philanthropy, drawing on numerous disciplines to understand the structures and practices of the non-profit sector. Recognized among the leading voices in her field and a frequent presenter at international conferences, she has authored two acclaimed books, including 2016’s Caring Capitalism: The Meaning and Measure of Social Value, alongside more than a dozen articles in top sociology journals. Her first book, Contesting Communities: The Transformation of Workplace Charity (2007), won the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ annual prize for best research.

Luca Dal Negro, ENG, Electrical & Computer Engineering, specializes in optics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, and the development of optical materials that advance on-chip optical sensing, light emission, energy conversion, and thin-film solar cell technology. A past NSF CAREER Award recipient and elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America, he serves on the editorial boards of two leading international journals in materials and photonics systems, has authored numerous book chapters and widely cited journal articles, and is supported by several major current grants from NSF, the Army Research Laboratory, and the U.S. Air Force.

Ellen DeVoe, SSW, Clinical Practice, investigates the impact of trauma on young children and their families, working to help improve parenting practices during stressful experiences – particularly for those in military families. She has earned national distinction in the field of trauma-related intervention research, serving on two important Council of Social Work Education task forces, speaking regularly at national and international conferences, and publishing four book chapters in addition to articles in premier journals. Her current research on military families during deployment cycles is supported by a $4.4 million grant through the U.S. Department of Defense.

Nancy Harrowitz, CAS, Italian, specializes in Italian and Jewish studies, focusing on the history of racialism, the Holocaust, and the life and works of Primo Levi. Considered among the foremost experts in modern Italo-Jewish writing, she has received numerous humanities grants to support her research and has published or co-edited four books, including, most recently, Primo Levi and the Identity of a Survivor (2016), alongside 15 book chapters and four book reviews in recent years. She is a past chair of the Department of Romance Studies.

Stephen Kalberg, CAS, Sociology, specializes in the scholarship of German social theorist Max Weber, with a focus on comparative political cultures and the contemporary challenges of civic engagement and democracy in America. A past Fulbright Teaching/Research Scholar, he has published extensively (with works translated in multiple languages), authoring 12 books including, most recently, The Social Thought of Max Weber (2016), along with 19 book chapters, eight book reviews, and dozens of widely cited articles in leading sociology journals.

Emanuel Katz, CAS, Physics, explores problems at the forefront of theoretical particle and condensed-matter physics, using conformal field theory techniques to develop new ways of thinking about strongly interacting fields and working to improve understanding, among several areas, of the physics related to large hadron collider experiments. He is a past NSF CAREER Award recipient, Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, and recipient of the Simons Foundation Collaboration Award, with continuous support for his research coming from the U.S. Department of Energy. A frequently invited speaker at national and international conferences, he has published dozens of articles in premier physics journals.

Hengye Man, CAS, Biology, specializes in molecular neurobiology, examining the genes and signaling molecules that control the formation of synapses between neurons in the central nervous system – an area of research recently expanded to include study of autism. He is a past recipient of the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s International Outstanding Young Scholar award, as well as the NARSAD Young Investigator Award from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, and his college’s Dean’s Catalyst Award. He has authored a book chapter and published dozens of articles in top biology journals.

Carrie Preston, CAS, English and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, specializes in modernist literature, performance, and dance, feminist and queer theory, and transnational and postcolonial studies. She is Director of the Kilachand Honors College and a past recipient of BU’s United Methodist Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award, a Peter Paul Career Development Professorship, the CAS Wisneski Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the De La Torre Bueno Prize for writing in the field of dance studies. She has authored two acclaimed books, including, most recently, Learning to Kneel: Noh, Modernism, and Journeys in Teaching (2016), with another book on race and gender in interactive theater in development.  

Please join me in congratulating these wonderfully talented colleagues on their recent promotions and in wishing them success in their new positions. It is thanks in large part to their hard work and to yours that Boston University upholds its tradition of excellence and is on track to remain a research and teaching leader for many years to come.

Promotions to Full Professor on the Charles River Campus – 2.20.18

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