Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

March 31st, 2014

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer
and Kim A. Randall, University Title IX Coordinator and Executive Director of Equal Opportunity

Boston University is committed to eliminating sexual misconduct on campus and building a campus-wide culture of respect and responsibility.  That commitment is consistent with the University’s obligations under Title IX, the federal law that requires colleges and universities to respond promptly and effectively to complaints of sexual misconduct.

To help meet that objective we have identified individuals within each school and college, as well as several administrative units, to serve as primary points of contact regarding sexual misconduct.  The names of these individuals, who will serve as Deputy Title IX Coordinators, and their contact information are available at http://www.bu.edu/safety/sexual-misconduct/title-ix-bu-policies/.  If you become aware of an allegation of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, stalking, domestic or dating violence or sexual harassment, you should report the incident to one of the University’s Title IX Coordinators promptly.

In addition, the University has created a website that identifies University and area resources available to assist in the event of sexual misconduct and describes the options for pursuing criminal or disciplinary measures: http://www.bu.edu/safety/sexual-misconduct/.  Please review this website so that you may be able to assist any student or colleague who reports an instance of sexual misconduct to you.

If you have any questions or need advice regarding specific situations, please contact University Title IX Coordinator Kim A. Randall at 617-353-9289 or krandall@bu.edu, or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator within your Department.

Thank you for your attention and your assistance with this important matter.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct – 3.31.14

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