BU Summer Research Experience


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* We will not be accepting applications for the Summer 2012.

For a complete application:

  1. Provide answers for all sections of the online application (see below).
  2. Provide one faculty recommendation.

All mailed material can be addressed to:

Boston University, Photonics Center
PROSTARS Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates
c/o Ms. Kristen Woods, STEP Program Manager
8 St. Mary's St
Boston, MA 02215

All electronically submitted material can be sent to:

Application Form

Applicant Information

Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
Gender Male
E-mail address
Citizenship or Residency Status

Ethnicity African American/Black
American Indian/Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
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College Information

Status 1st Year
2nd Year
Total GPA
Major GPA
Professional Expectation
Expected Date of Graduation
Academic Advisor's Name (First Last)
Academic Advisor's phone number*
Academic Advisor's e-mail address
*Please make your advisor aware that a member of the PROSTARS team will be in contact with them regarding this application.

Research Information

Provide a brief description stating your interests in the PROSTARS Program, current thoughts on your career goals, and general area of research interest.

Research Advisor's Name (First Last)
Research Advisor's College
Research Advisor's Department
Research Advisor's phone number
Research Advisor's e-mail address
Project Title

Project Description and Goals
Provide a description of your research. Include your project's overall objectives as well as the specific goals you plan to accomplish over the summer.

Project Significance
Explain in general terms why the information gained from this research project will be beneficial.

Please outline how you plan to accomplish the goals listed in your project description.

Time Line
Provide a detailed timeline for completion of goals of your project. Be sure to include the goals listed above.

If you do not have a specific research plan or faculty research advisor, please provide a list of BU laboratories that you would be interested in working in this summer, along with a brief explanation for each. You can list up to 5 research projects/advisors for this section.

Do you have any experience in science research? Yes
If yes, please give description of the research, and name of the research director.

How did you hear about our program?