Q Do I receive credit for attending this program?

A No. You will attend daily math and physics classes and writing on alternate days, but will not receive any course credit. These classes are intended to help you prepare for the academic year by reviewing relevant material. They do not cover the content of any courses required for your major.

Q What benefits will I gain from attending Summer Bridge?

A Summer Bridge is an excellent opportunity for you to refresh your math and writing skills before classes begin. You will also learn time management and study skills that will help you better adapt to college life. You will also have the opportunity to meet other incoming freshmen, many of whom will take the same classes as you in the fall. In addition, you will learn about current research and careers in science and engineering, tour labs, and interact one-on-one with faculty members.

Q Will there be any homework?

A There will be a moderate amount of homework and blocks of time scheduled for studying. You will form study groups with your peers, some of which you may continue in the fall. There will also be undergraduate and graduate student mentors assigned to help you with any problems you may encounter.

Q How and when will I receive my stipend?

A You will be paid $250 for each of the two weeks of Summer Bridge. This payment will be processed upon completion of the program. You should receive a check within 2-3 weeks of that time.

Q Must I also complete an orientation session?

A Yes, you must complete one of BU's orientation programs for freshmen before participating in Summer Bridge.

Q When the program ends on August 21st, will I be able to stay in my dorm room until classes begin?

A Although Summer Bridge will not schedule any further activities, you may stay in your room until Monday, August 24th at 10:00 am. At that time you will need to move everything out of your room. You will be able to move into your assigned room for the coming academic year at 4:00 pm. Please note that there will be six hours when you will need to keep your possessions in a cart. If you move into your fall housing, there will be an R.A. on the floor, but perhaps not many students on the floor. Early move-in for students not already on campus begins on Wednesday, August 26th.

Q If I do stay on campus, what will I do during the week following Summer Bridge?

A You may spend the time any way you wish, but you may elect to participate in BU's First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP) where you will have the opportunity to perform community service and meet other incoming freshmen. Click here for more information on FYSOP.