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Applications for 2015 will be online this fall.

Please read the instructions below before submitting an application.

Summer Commitments

Every student must check with his/her cadre about any mandatory participation in service summer activities. Please do not apply for a Project GO-BU scholarship before confirming that your commitments may allow you to attend this summer.

Acceptance Priority

Priority for Chinese in Shanghai will go to students who have already completed some formal study of Chinese. We do award domestic scholarships for beginning Chinese, and for beginning Russian as well (zero prior experience with the language is expected). Scholarships for Turkish support both complete beginners (for domestic study) and (for study in Izmir, Turkey) those who have already completed one or more years of Turkish study.

If you plan on applying for Chinese program in Shanghai and have not yet taken Chinese at the time of application, you must show proof of enrollment for a Chinese course for the spring semester 2015 at your institution. Any award will be contingent on successful completion of that course.


If you plan to apply for a study abroad scholarship, begin preparations to obtain or renew your passport now. If you wait until you are awarded a scholarship, it may be too late.

  • If you already have a passport, check the expiration date and renew it if necessary. Passports must be valid through the duration of 2014.
  • If you will need a passport, make sure you have all your original documents (birth certificate, social security card, etc.) in order. If you need copies or replacements of these documents, now is the time to ask for them.
  • You can find more information about how to apply for a passport here: Travel.State.Gov

Again, do not wait until you have heard from Project GO-BU, as there is nothing we can do if your passport is not in order before the necessary deadlines, which may come before our correspondence.


Apply for a scholarship:

Deadline TBA

All materials, including letters of recommendation, are due by the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Important: Please do NOT directly apply to either the Boston University Summer Term or Study Abroad office for any of the programs sponsored by Project GO-BU unless you are awarded a scholarship. Acceptance into either the Summer Term courses or the Study Abroad programs does NOT guarantee you will be awarded a scholarship.


Part 1. Complete and Submit Project GO-BU Online Application

Project GO-BU Online Application — available here.

Information you will need to complete the application:

  • Cadre contact information (immediate supervisor)
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Unofficial Transcript (PDF)
  • Ranked list of the languages you are willing to study
  • Statement (2 – 4 pages, double-spaced), addressing the following points:
  1. How will your Project GO participation benefit the military and future US Military officer corps? Explain why you wish to study the critical language(s) you have chosen and what you intend to do with the training you would receive during the program. Please explain your rank ordering of the languages. (If you said you’re willing to learn any of several languages, don’t write only about your first choice!) If you are applying for a study abroad program, what do you hope to gain from the experience?
  2. How will you continue your studies and maintain your language skills after the completion of your Project GO program? Address future language proficiency goals, study abroad plans, possible obstacles to further study (e.g., few institutions teach upper-level Turkish or Hausa; some students’ schedules prohibit taking further language courses; etc.) and propose a language maintenance schedule. Please be as specific as possible.

Part 2. Letters of Recommendation

Have all letters sent directly to our office by the writer (not through you).

Electronic submissions are preferred.

1. Letter of Recommendation from a language professor (any language except English)

  • If you have had no language classes in college, but did take a language in high school, then a letter from a high-school language teacher is acceptable. In this case you must ALSO include one letter from a college instructor in any field.
  • If you have not taken a language in college, we will accept two letters of recommendation from professors in other subjects.

2. Confidential Letter of Recommendation from an officer in your ROTC program who knows you personally.

  • Must include: Cadre member’s full name, rank, phone number, and email
  • Please have your officer address the following points in his/her confidential recommendation letter:
    • Project GO-BU scholarships are very limited. Is this student mature, responsible, committed, and worthy of the opportunity?
    • Do you expect the student will complete the program if selected?
    • Do you have any concerns this student may not be able to acclimate to and/or succeed in a summer in Boston or – more challengingly – abroad?
    • Please tell us about any ROTC commitments the student is expected to have in summer 2015. Do you anticipate any possibility that these commitments may be able to be scheduled so as to facilitate language study?

Please have all letters sent via e-mail to:

Charlotte Cutter

Project GO-BU Administrator

MLCL Dept., Boston University, 745 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA, 02215

Fax: (617) 358-5033


You may access the online application by following this link.