Photo by Margaret Page, Project GO-BU in Rabat, Summer 2013.

Photo by Margaret Page, Project GO-BU in Rabat, Summer 2013


Project GO, a nationwide initiative of the Defense Language and National Security Education Office, seeks to strengthen future military officers’ competence in critical world languages. Boston University has been part of Project GO since 2009. In the 2013-14 phase of the project, the principal language programs supported by Project GO-BU are Arabic, Chinese , Russian and Turkish.

During the academic year, Project GO-BU provides peer tutoring and cultural enrichment for ROTC students currently enrolled in the study of a critical language at BU. Over the summer, Project GO-BU provides scholarships covering a majority of necessary expenses for successful ROTC applicants to study a critical language at BU (also for complete beginners), and additional scholarships for ROTC students to study second-year or higher levels of language abroad in Morocco, China, or Turkey in the summer. (The competition for summer scholarships is open to ROTC students from any US university.) The grant includes additional support for developing improved materials for instruction and assessment of students’ language competence and a variety of cultural and informational programs at BU.

Thirteen critical languages and 23 languages overall are regularly taught at BU. Few universities in the US offer regular instruction in so many languages and support this instruction, as BU does, with full-time continuing faculty members.

Project GO-BU is an initiative funded by $1.8 million in grants awarded to BU’s Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature (MLCL) by the U.S. Department of Defense. Professor William Waters, of Boston University’s Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, wrote the grants and serves as Executive Director of Project GO-BU. Project GO-BU is administered and coordinated by Charlotte Cutter.

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