Israel must fight

November 19th, 2012

frankel-2010The following opinion piece was written by Tamar Frankel, professor of law at Boston University’s School of Law.

People in the south of Israel have been living for months with a shower of deadly rockets. Yet, Jews that respond to deadly attacks are condemned. Why don’t Israelis pack up and flee?

They won’t leave because Israel was established as a haven for persecuted Jews.

Perhaps, after crying for the people in Gaza who elected killers and allow other killers among them to send these rockets, objective viewers might be interested in the attitude of an Israeli mother of three. After months of attacks, she sent me this e-mail:

“Thanks. We’re OK. Concerned about where this is going — but OK. With all my relatively left-wing thinking — and criticism of Israel’s policy and worse behavior of some of the citizens — it does get me really annoyed to hear global reactions at times.

“I can’t imagine another country that would keep quiet weeks after weeks of having rockets sent regularly at its citizens from across a border. The problem is that the world doesn’t know that this is what has been happening. And to be honest, we at Tel-Aviv sometimes forget what the people in the south had to endure over the last months. That’s why it’s quite universal — this has to be done.

“Anyhow, [one of her son’s room] is our secured area; so when the sirens go off we go in there and turn on the TV. It’s not really that scary because its facing north, cemented, and we’re on the first of a two floors building — so I really do think we’re safe. But it’s not pleasant. And [her young daughter], being a stressed one, was in tears being caught outdoors when the siren went off yesterday. But we’re really OK.”

This is a representation of Israeli’s approach. No one will change that, even when Gaza and Hamas and Iran and all their friends are admired.

Israel has the right to defend itself from attack, and killers should be punished. Besides, if one wishes to evaluate the attacker on Israel, one just has to view what the killers do to their own kind. Jews will never be brought to the slaughter without a fight that everyone will remember forever.

Frankel is native of Israel who started her legal career as counsel to the Israeli Air Force.

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