Campaign 2012: The female vote

August 23rd, 2012

Statistics show that women turn out to vote in higher numbers than men and that most of those women vote Democratic. Women’s issues, particularly involving health and a woman’s access to contraceptives, have played a key role in many campaigns this election year. Recent comments on rape and abortion by Representative Todd Akin, the Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, have brought these issues to the forefront. Boston University’s Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Virginia Sapiro, an expert on political behavior, public opinion and gender politics, spoke with The Takeaway about these recent events, as well as the history of the female vote in the United States. Dean Sapiro says that the major issues that drive citizens votes – men or women – are the economy, their perceptions of jobs, and their perceptions of having a good life. She adds they tend to vote about the same things but have slightly different reactions.

“It is possible that for the first time in living memory some of the issues of rape and abortion will have an impact on the election.”

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