Weekly roundup: BU experts on campaign rhetoric, MA Senate race fundraising, and possible GOP VP choices

July 27th, 2012

election-sub2-2012Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the road to power:

“After pummeling Romney like a tin drum for the last two months, now they’re trying to change the focus, talking directly to voters in an effort to appeal to swing voters.” (Obama switches to Mr. Nice Guy; TheHill.com)
Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication

“It is a staggering figure when you look at it given the size of the voting population in Massachusetts.” (Mass. Senate race proves to be priciest in country; NECN)
Tom Fiedler, College of Communication

“[Obama] has a pronoun problem. That’s what this has come down to, right? He shouldn’t have said you didn’t build them, the bridges and the roads, somebody else helped you out there. So when he said you didn’t build this, they gave Romney basically a one sentence hammer to go after them.” (Broadside: Twisted words; NECN)
John Carroll, College of Communication

“The person I really think would be interesting is someone like Mike Huckabee. Comes from a key battleground state and he has strong evangelical, social conservative credentials but he doesn’t seem to alienate the broad base of voters, the independents. So I think he would be an intriguing choice but I don’t think he’ll be asked.” (You Decide 2012: Possible GOP VP choices; WFXT)
Tom Whalen, College of General Studies

“But for fund-raising, [Elizabeth Warren] is a star in big money places like L.S., San Francisco, Washington and New York. She is the marquee name in terms of Senate candidates.” (Liberal Donors Finding Home in Massachusetts Senate Race; New York Times)
Tobe Berkovitz

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