Michelle Obama’s political initiative

July 19th, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama has been tapped to launch a grassroots campaign initiative to help build support for President Obama’s reelection. Boston University journalism professor Elizabeth Mehren, a former reporter with the Los Angeles Times where she covered several campaigns and First Ladies, offers the following comment:

“Michelle Obama has brilliantly adopted the role not only of First Lady, but of First Mom. And as every woman who has had children knows – indeed, every person who has been a son or a daughter – there is no motivator quite as effective as maternal guilt.

“Inviting America to wring its collective hands and wonder ‘could I have done more?’ if President Obama is not reelected in November also appeals to the universal theme of personal responsibility. Mrs. Obama’s confident, engaging demeanor helps smooth this message, so it seems less like a stern parental entreaty.”

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