Weekly roundup: BU experts on Supreme Court health care reform ruling, Massachusetts Senate race

June 29th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the road to power:

“Everyone in politics, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, wants a winner and basically that’s what Obama is. If he had lost this, combined with the Holder decision today, he’s dead on arrival come November.” (Historian discusses political implications of Supreme Court health care ruling; WFXT)
Tom Whalen, College of General Studies

“Conventional wisdom from the mainstream media and cable news chattering class will shout that the Supreme Court decision upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is a huge win and a giant boost for President Barack Obama and his presidential campaign.” (President’s ‘win’ helps Romney; Boston Herald)
By Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication

“Roberts has turned the issue back to the arena of democratic politics.” (Conservative top justice cast vote to save ‘Obamacare’; AFP)
Graham Wilson, College of Arts & Sciences

“All he has to do is turn to Mitt Romney and say ‘Why are you against Obamacare because I based the law on your state program.’ Romney is going to have a hard time explaining that away.” (Supreme Court decision impacts presidential election; NECN)
Tom Whalen

“On the other hand, this is the best possible outlook for Mitt Romney. It leaves him with a major issue that he can run on. It ignites the base. It’s going to be fabulous for fundraising.” (Supreme Court decision impacts presidential election; NECN)
John Carroll, College of Communication

“This ruling basically puts President Obama in the ranks of FDR, Harry Truman, and Lyndon Johnson in bringing about great progressive domestic reform.” (Supreme Court upholds President’s health care law; WHDH)
Tom Whalen

“The fact that it happened on the same day as the most important Supreme Court ruling since Bush v. Gore puts it into the pile or irrelevance. I just don’t see it having much traction in the election. It’s not exactly a bread-and-butter issue affecting voters’ pocketbooks.” (Ruling overshadows AG’s House scolding; Boston Herald)
Tom Whalen

“It positions your opponent’s supporters as not the kind of people independents can relate to. You want your supporters to be riled up, but you don’t want to make it seem like your supporters are haters and that you’re running a campaign bringing out the worst of the electorate. An unruly mob is a bad reflection on any campaign.” (Obama uses crowd’s boos on campaign trail to claim high road over Romney; The Hill)
Tobe Berkovitz

“Once you get off Beacon Hill and once you get off Capitol Hill, the spotlight really isn’t on Massachusetts. The spotlight is on swing states like Ohio and Missouri.” (Massachusetts, you probably think this race is about you, don’t you?; Boston Herald)
Tobe Berkovitz

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