BU experts weigh in on Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Russia, & Cuba

June 27th, 2012

Boston University experts weigh in on recent international news:

Turkey says it may target any Syrian forces nearing border (New York Times): “After its experience in Libya, NATO certainly does not want to get into another air war with the Syrians, who are in much better shape than the Libyans were to conduct one.” Michael Corgan, College of Arts & Sciences

Capital controls can stabilize developing nations (MarketWatch): “Nations using capital controls were more apt to be stable.” Kevin Gallagher, College of Arts & Sciences

Pentagon: Russia recalls attack helicopter shipment to Syria (U.S. News & World Report): “This is just a signal in the form of old-style gunboat diplomacy. This is just muscle flexing. It’s not an aircraft carrier strike group. That kind of large deployment would be cause for alarm.” William Keylor, College of Arts & Sciences

Divorcing Pakistan (Los Angeles Times): “The history of U.S.-Pakistani relations is one of wild swings between feigned friendship and ill-disguised mistrust.” Opinion piece by Andrew Bacevich, College of Arts & Sciences

Putin flexes muscles, turns to ‘gunboat diplomacy’ in Syria (U.S. News & World Report): “This is two ships. It’s not an aircraft carrier strike group. That kind of large deployment would be cause for alarm.” William Keylor

Sarkozy enters post-Elysee life facing possible investigations (Bloomberg): “Mr. Sarkozy has to be a little concerned once he loses his immunity of being hauled before the courts.” William Keylor

Cuba replaces 2 Cabinet ministers (Associated Press): “It’s a sort of clean-out of the houses, the long-practiced technique of disguising failures … by changing faces. Both those areas clearly have been subject to a fog of unfulfilled expectations.” Paul Webster Hare, College of Arts & Sciences

Tired of waiting for a 21st century trade agreement: Developing countries, the TPP, and regulating cross border finance (TripleCrisis): “Early on in his term, US President Barack Obama pledged that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) would be a 21st Century trade treaty.” Opinion piece by Kevin Gallagher

South Sudan proposes arbitration as border talks falter (Wall Street Journal): “Both sides have already taken big steps to de-escalate, so there is evidence of commitment. Since any agreement will involve compromise on both sides of the border, there are likely domestic costs both Juba and Khartoum are eager to postpone.” Michael Woldemariam, College of Arts & Sciences

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