Weekly roundup: BU experts on MA Senate race, political ads, Mitt Romney & President Obama

June 15th, 2012

election-sub2-2012Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the road to power:

Debate over Scott Brown’s next move just as contentious (Boston Herald): “The idea that he’d be willing to go into the perceived lion’s den might work to his advantage. Profile in political courage, as the Kennedy’s would say. It’s a win-win for him.” Tom Whalen, College of General Studies

Will attack-ad pact survive until fall? (Boston Globe): “It already has changed how the race has played out. It’s a net plus for Elizabeth Warren.” John Carroll, College of Communication

Romney as Governor: 800 vetoes and one big deal (NPR “All Things Considered”): “He was capable, you know, when he was willing to, to get down in the trenches, [to] cut deals, pigeonhole legislators, to get his reform health care package through, and he did with remarkable success.” Tom Whalen

Is Jeb Bush right about the GOP? (PoliticoArena): “Jeb Bush is absolutely right about his critique of today’s GOP. He comes to that view as someone who has served successfully as governor of not only a major state in size, but one that reflects the diversity of the nation as a whole, politically and demographically.” Tom Fiedler, College of Communication

Romney’s initiatives: Miracles or gimmickry? (Washington Times): “Massachusetts was floating on the national tide. Whatever good you could discern from the numbers was the result of the national economy, whatever was bad in the numbers was largely the national economy, too. He did come in here and heroically turn the state around. He came in and presided over state government, but any large issues that took place was the decision of the legislature – and quite frankly, there were no exceptional actions taken by the governor or legislature during Romney’s term, with the one exception, and that is the one thing he doesn’t want to take credit for: health care.” Fred Bayles, College of Communication

Obama on defense after a rough week (McClatchy Newspapers): “There’s still a feeling of unease out there about Romney and Obama could make inroads with an image as a fighter for the common person.” Tom Whalen

Analysts: ‘The ship of state always leaks,’ but damage is less certain (CNN.com): “The ship of state always leaks. You have commanders in chief like John F. Kennedy. He was surprised that more secrets on what they were planning didn’t get out. It goes with the job. This is part of political gamesmanship. Because it is an election year, everything is heightened, and a leak takes on more importance.” Tom Whalen

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