BU experts on Jamie Dimon, GM’s pension buyout, & employees who leave

June 14th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on recent issues impacting the business world:

JPMorgan chief rejects more regulation after loss (AFP): “JPMorgan isn’t different. JPMorgan is a commercial bank that wants to be and behaves like a hedge fund.” Mark Williams

James Post previews Jamie Dimon’s appearance before Congress (Professor Voices): “Congressional hearings are a mixture of one part substance and three parts theater. The challenge for anyone watching these hearings is being able to separate the substance from the theatrics.” James Post

GM’s pension buyout sets corporate example (Marketplace): “At Boston University, we currently have, literally over 100 different investment choices. I teach the subject of investments and I wouldn’t be able to readily solve the problem of what to select.” Zvi Bodie

Economy inspiring more employees to stray (Boston Business Journal): “The best companies have gone through and looked at their key people and identified who they’d really regret leaving and figured out what to do to retain them.” Fred Foulkes

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