BU experts on Bain, worker safety, Google, and Facebook

May 24th, 2012

SMG_news2Below is a sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on recent issues impacting the business world:

Do the Bain Hustle (Huffington Post): “The amounts of money are so vast that it is truly a matter of time before the taxation of private equity is front and center of the public agenda. Increasingly, this world of private equity looks like a world of robber barons, and Romney comes out of that world.” James Post

How Subcontracting Affects Worker Safety (PBS “Frontline”): “The more subcontracting, the more ‘fissuring’ of the work, the greater the risk for health and safety at the bottom of those chains.” David Weil

Google completes Motorola deal, heralding new era (Associated Press): “This gives Google a chance to develop and showcase a ‘next generation’ device for mobile computing. But it could also create a complex issue for Google. How do you balance the desire to create something that consumers love without upsetting the rest of the Android ecosystem?” N. Venkat Venkatraman

How to better understand your risk tolerance (MarketWatch): “I think that all these questionnaires are worthless and may be counterproductive.  All of the (risk-tolerance questionnaires) I have seen ask about time horizon. If an individual has a long time horizon, it is taken as an indicator of tolerance for risk. The possibility of having a long time horizon and yet being extremely averse to risk is ruled out.” Zvi Bodie

Swaps clearinghouses set for systemic designation (Bloomberg): “The big clearinghouses are providing the freeway on which these financial products can trade. The regulators are saying, ‘We need to understand what sort of activities are on it, and we need to control the speed limit on this freeway.’” Mark Williams

Facebook stock slide puts new pressures on company (Reuters): “While Facebook’s corporate governance practices leave much to be desired, the company is unlikely to feel any real pressure for change from investors for some time. If the company were to make a costly strategic blunder which raised questions about Zuckerberg’s leadership, that might increase pressure for change.” James Post

This Week in Business: Facebook’s IPO (NECN): N. Venkat Venkatraman discusses aspects of Facebook’s IPO, including what type of CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be now that the company is public.

Getting to retirement with a minimum of financial risk (New York Times): Zvi Bodie offers advice when investing for retirement, saying a “safety first” approach might be best.

Bill Ackman: JPMorgan loss ‘not that big’ in bank’s context (Newsmax): “JPMorgan Chase has a big hedge fund inside a commercial bank. They should be taking in deposits and making loans, not taking large speculative bets.” Mark Williams

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