Weekly roundup: BU experts on Buffet Rule, Romney, Obama, and Marco Rubio

April 16th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the road to power:

Why the GOP loves to hate the Democrats’ Buffett rule (Christian Science Monitor): “Just by calling it the ‘Buffett rule’ that’s sort of puts the ball more in the Democrats’ court. Fairness will be further defined as we get out of the summer and into the fall. Right now, the frame is more successful for the Democrats.” Tobe Berkovitz

Five things Romney must do to beat Obama in the U.S. election (Globe and Mail): “[They] are most concerned about deficits, taxes, regulation – that’s just who Romney was in Massachusetts and who he’ll try to be by emphasizing his economic management credentials and trying not to talk about the other stuff. The second are the so-called Reagan Democrats – working class whites, especially males, who don’t like liberal social values, but identify with economic populism – the kind of people who favoured the auto bailout. I think it will be hard for Romney to appeal to both kinds of swing voters.” Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences

Rick Santorum: what went wrong? (PoliticoArena): “Santorum was ultimately the victim of hubris.” Tom Whalen, College of General Studies

You Decide 2012: Santorum drops out (WFXT): The best way for Romney to heel the wounds “is to have a VP choice that will be able to unite the different factions of the party.” Tom Whalen

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio may be right fit for Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee (New York Daily News): “The first rule of a vice president is, ‘Do no harm.’ Make a solid, sensible choice — we’ve seen so many longball, quirky picks turn out to be irrelevant or do damage. Rubio checks almost all the boxes,” said Berkovitz. “He’s Hispanic-American, a popular politician from a major battleground state, and is charismatic.” Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication

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