BU experts on JPMorgan, Facebook passwords, Groupon, luck in business, Research in Motion

April 12th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on recent issues impacting the business world:

Dimon Vows Fight Moynihan Lost Over Claims From Loans: Mortgages (Bloomberg): “They were in the same businesses as everyone else. If everyone around them is basically settling, it’s hard for me to think that there’s not something there that will make them settle.” Mark Williams

Facebook passwords: why companies don’t use them to see your posts (Christian Science Monitor): “In many cases, the applicant is Facebook friends with someone already at the workplace. If there are no direct Facebook friends, many applicants are ‘friends’ of other pages or have liked other pages such as alma maters, interest groups, products, etc.” Kabrina Chang

Analysis: Groupon accounting problems put spotlight on board (Reuters): “Groupon needs a new audit committee with much more financial expertise.” James Post

JPMorgan’s Iksil may spur regulators to dissect trading (Bloomberg): “This will be the first test of how aggressively the Fed will enforce the Dodd-Frank Act. From a Fed regulatory standpoint, I see JPMorgan as having some serious explaining to do.” Mark Williams

Can you design your own luck? (Entrepreneur): “The word ‘luck’ itself clearly hits a hot button and creates a sharp reaction. While gathering research for my book, Lucky By Design, I conducted an informal survey asking about the role luck plays in business, if any.” Beth Goldstein

RIM goes for broke (E-Commerce Times): “RIM is in desperate straits. The business is deteriorating rapidly, the financials won’t keep it afloat, and its place in the technology space is being eviscerated.” James Post

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