BU experts on Facebook CEO, Apple, and equitable health care

March 29th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on recent issues impacting the business world:

Face time with Facebook CEO stirs concerns on Wall Street (Reuters): “The friction will grow between public investors and the company when the company is not able to meet earnings projections or growth projections. Investors aren’t going to be satisfied until they hear from Zuckerberg.” James Post

Apple called out for omitting factory workers from cash pile (PC World): “It’s a coincidence that there’s this big pile of cash at the time the supply chain issue has arisen. It takes a leap of faith to connect the two.” James Post

Sunday Dialogue: Equitable Health Care (New York Times): “Starting on Monday, the Supreme Court will consider constitutional challenges to the Affordable Care Act, hearing arguments about Congressional authority to mandate the purchase of health insurance by individuals and threats to states’ sovereignty by an expansion of state obligations under Medicaid.” Alan Cohen

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