BU experts on Yahoo CEO, customer service, health care rationing, Goldman Sachs, & gold prices

March 22nd, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on recent issues impacting the business world:

Proxy battle pits new Yahoo CEO against hedge fund (Reuters): “If he gets through the annual meeting and successfully navigates these issues then he’s going to be looked at as a more credible and effective CEO. If he doesn’t, he’s going to be seen as a weaker CEO. And if he’s seen as a weaker CEO, that’s like blood in the water.” James Post

The companies with the best customer service have this one thing in common (Business Insider): “Since the crash, customers are more price sensitive and have put pressure on companies to compete more [in this area]. That often comes at the expense of service.” Frederic Brunel

Invitation to a Dialogue: Health care rationing (New York Times): Lost in the rhetoric is the Affordable Care Act’s efforts to reduce rationing through mandatory coverage of preventive services and essential minimum benefits. The act holds promise for more rational allocation and consumption of scarce resources. But first, we must accept the fact that rationing already exists but needs to be made more equitable if we are to achieve better health for our citizens and better value for our health care dollars. Alan Cohen

Goldman Sachs – bad day (WCVB): James Post comments on success of legislative pushback in financial industry: “To have a mousetrap is one thing but to make sure it’s really effective takes vigilance.”

The end of the gold bull is on the horizon (MarketWatch): “Gold is a hedge against inflation. You’ve seen a run-up over the last decade and there’s no inflation to speak of.” Mark Williams

MetLife’s CEO stress test (Wall Street Journal): Zvi Bodie calls the CEO “smart, honest and brave” in a post in which “every interest group wants to raid the cookie jar.”

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